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What you should expect from freshers’ week

Nervous about Freshers’ week? Or perhaps excited, but not really sure what to expect? Here are ten things we’ve learnt, which will hopefully come in useful to help you prepare.

1. There's no need to be shy

It’s probably one of the only times in your life where it’s perfectly socially acceptable to strike up a conversation with an absolute stranger. Remembering that everyone is in the same boat as you will help to curb the nerves.

2. You won't need the entire reading list

Don’t buy any text books on your recommended reading list until you know which ones you’ll definitely need and which ones you can borrow from the library.

3. You’ll probably get ill

Freshers’ is that special time of year where germs travel from every corner of the world to create the dreaded “Freshers’ Flu.” It’s almost inevitable you’ll catch it. Come prepared with paracetamol, multi vitamins and some soothers, and you might just battle through it!

4. Get in there early

Choose your seminars as soon as you can. You don’t want to get stuck with a 9am lecture the morning after the best student night out of the week.

5. Stick around at weekends

Don’t go home every weekend: you’ll miss out on some early bonding opportunities.

6. Mix it up

You’ll hear the same questions over and over again. Where are you from? What course are you doing? A little monotonous, right? Dig a little deeper and go beyond the boring stuff, it’ll make you more memorable.

7. Budget

You’ll spend more money than you originally thought you would. If all your new buddies are going for lunch down the pub, it would be rude not to go with them, right? As long as you’ve got a budget for freshers’ week you’ll be fine, enjoy it!

8. There's lots of free stuff

You’ll be given more free stuff than ever before, some things more useful than others. At freshers’ fairs and job fairs, there’ll be lots of freebies up for grabs, like pens, food and t-shirts.

9. Fancy dress galore

You probably won’t get to wear your own clothes on a night out. On almost every freshers’ week calendar, there will be: a school disco, a beach party, a bar crawl with its own T-shirt and various other types of fancy dress, so be prepared.

10. Document it

You will make some memories that you will talk about for the rest of your life. Take loads of pictures and enjoy yourself as much as possible.

To sum it up, there will be a whirlwind of information, a tonne of freebies, and lots of new people. Making friends, finding your way around and living away from home are some of the challenges you’ll navigate, but there’s so much to distract you and it’s amazing how quickly you’ll settle in.

Now that you’re prepared for freshers’ week, we’ve also put together a student checklist to help you on your way. Download our handy student guide.

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