Student life

5 signs that you're chilled

There’s a chilled person in every household – the one that’s a calming presence in the house, with their laid-back nature and mediation skills. If you’re unsure whether you’re the chilled one in your student house, here are five tell-tale signs.

1. You try to avoid confrontation

If there’s a disagreement in the house, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re not involved. You try to avoid confrontation where possible, but you’re not the passive-aggressive type either. If you have an issue, you’ll raise it with your housemates directly, and in a productive way. This approach means that issues tend to get resolved quickly, and arguments are kept to a minimum.

2. You aren’t particularly fussy about things

Whether it be deciding what club to go to on Friday night, or what to cook for a house dinner, you don’t tend to have strong opinions either way and are happy to go with what everyone else would prefer. This doesn’t make you a pushover – it just means that you know you’re going to have a good time whatever you end up doing!

3. You shy away from being ‘the organiser’

Because you don’t tend to have strong opinions about group activities and don’t like to plan too far in advance, it means that you’ve pretty much managed to avoid organising any group events throughout your time at uni. Whilst this is at times a blessing, it also means that, due to lack of practice, you’re not great at planning events when you do have to do it! Your inability to keep track of group chats doesn’t help matters either…

4. You take a stress-free approach to your studies

When it comes to your studies, you know exactly how much you need to do and when you need to do it by. You may not be organised, but you’re just organised enough to keep your workload as light as possible. There’s nothing chilled about an energy-drink fuelled cramming session the night before an exam!

5. You’re incredibly easy to be around

Because you’re chilled by nature, you don’t fall out with your friends or get overly stressed. You’re great company at group events as your laid back approach keeps everyone around you at ease. And you’ll find that at uni, when you’re getting to know new people and learning the personal and professional skills you’ll need for your future career, these character traits are an absolute asset.

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