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Decorating your student home

Last updated: 25/11/20
It goes without saying that things are operating differently in 2020. You should always check government coronavirus guidance in your area and take this guidance into consideration when reading any other online content.

After a year in halls, moving into a student house can be really exciting. It’s an opportunity to have more of a homely space with a bunch of your closest friends. Here are five ways to decorate the space you’ll be calling home for the next year, without getting out that paint roller (you don’t want to upset your new landlord now, do you?)

1. Bring Blu-Tack

Landlords don’t often take too kindly to nails through walls, or those who decide that their poster is better stuck to the wall with Pritt Stick. Make sure you check your tenancy agreement and know what you can (and can’t) use on your walls before you go sticking up your gallery.

2. Order free prints

Rooms are definitely more homely with a few pictures up of your family and friends from home. There are lots of websites and apps which offer free photo printing, so you usually only have to pay for the postage charge.

3. Poster sales

Rather than purchasing extortionate posters from high street retailers, it’s always worth looking into local poster sales. There’s usually a poster sale somewhere on campus which will have a wide selection, so make sure you have a browse if you’re walking past.

4. Lighting

Lighting can be key to creating a homely atmosphere, from fairy lights to lava lamps and candles, there’s lot you can do to add ambience to your student room. Just check that your tenancy agreement doesn’t have anything against burning candles.

5. Cushions and throws

Cushions and throws not only look nice, but they’re also practical for when you have visitors in your room – no more sitting on the uncomfortable floor.

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