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Amazing room prank ideas

If you find yourself in that unique window of an unlocked room opportunity and you’d like to start a prank war, here's some ideas to get you going.

1. Post-it notes

Everyone loves a good old post it note, however you can never find one when you actually need it. Problem solved! Cover their floors and walls head to foot in brightly coloured sticky notes.

2. Hide and seek

It’s time for a game of hide and seek... you’re hiding and they’re seeking, except they don’t know it. Hide in their cupboard or wardrobe, wait until they’re nice and settled, then choose your perfect moment to jump out.

3. Rearrangement

This is the perfect prank for anyone with very little time, and especially if your housemate is particular about their things. Simply rearrange the room, even subtly, for that sense of ‘something is clearly wrong here’ when they get back. “Has anyone been in my room?” “No!?”

4. Tin foil

If you’ve got plenty of time (and tin foil!) get working on covering their entire room in aluminium… From the chair to the bed and even the books on the shelf, it will be what prank dreams are made of!

5. Water cups prank

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get across your room – let alone if it’s a floor full of water filled cups impeding your way. Simply fill up a lot of plastic cups with water and place strategically around the room. The fooled will have a lot of water to get through!

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