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  • Theoretically yes, you could take out a business insurance policy that would provide some of the covers you would need for a charity - such as property insurance and public and employers’ liability insurance.

    However, because charities are unique and often complex organisations, charity insurance policies will usually provide protections above and beyond those you would get with a standard business insurance policy – such as charity event insurance or protection for volunteers.

    Charities also differ from businesses in that they usually have a board of directors, trustees or officers. If so, you may find you require charity trustee indemnity insurance to protect them from legal defence costs and compensation payments arising from a wrongful act in the course of their statutory duties.

  • Last updated: 14/12/2020

    Volunteers can be a bit of a grey area when it comes to your charity insurance, as they can fall under either your public or employers liability insurance cover. Before taking out insurance, it may be worth conducting a risk assessment for the activities your volunteers will be undertaking, as this will help give an accurate picture of the type of insurance you might need.

    If you require cover for volunteers, or want to find out if they’re covered under your existing charity insurance policy, please speak to us on 0333 234 1358 or arrange a call

    Important: If you have employees, remember it’s a legal requirement to have at least £5 million employers’ liability insurance in place -you could be fined up to £2,500 for every day you don’t have it!

  • Last updated: 14/12/2020

    Yes, we can provide cover for community groups and small organisations that are not yet registered as charities, as long as they following the government guidelines for registration.

    You must apply to register your charity if:

    its income is at least £5,000 per year or it’s a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)

    it’s based in England or Wales

    Read more about the government’s charity registration guidelines.

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