You can benefit from our advice on the following:

Local authority ownership

Buildings, property and respective responsibilities

Contractual responsibilities for leased fitness equipment

Building works contracts

Insurance for works and surrounding buildings

Online health, safety and HR support

Our service will provide you with the means to manage all aspects of staff employment and workplace safety more easily, more effectively and more profitably.

What we can cover

Public liability insurance

If you work with customers or through a third party, you may need to arrange cover for public liability. Although not a legal requirement, the costs to you from legal fees and compensation costs if sued for injury or damage to property can be high. Public liability insurance helps protect your organisation against these costs.

Product liability insurance

If you produce, sell or repair products then you will need product liability insurance. It can protect your business from claims for legal and compensation costs in case the product you sell, manufacture or repair injures people or damage their property.

Employers’ liability insurance

If your organisation employs at least one person, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. The minimum level of cover required by law is £5 million – without this policy, you may face large fines and reputational damage. We can advise on the best cover options for you, covering compensation claims from staff as a result of illness or injury in the workplace, legal costs and expenses for loss of income for time in court.

Directors and officers insurance

Financial protection to partners, directors and officers within a company (those people with a personal liability for the actions they take in undertaking their duties within the company) is vital. Without this cover, individuals can be held personally liable to the full extent of their wealth or assets. Often these policies can be extended to include claims made against the organisation as well as an individual.

Trustees indemnity insurance

The role of a trustee comes with certain responsibilities, exposing those individuals in trustee positions to personal liability. Trustees’ Indemnity is insurance designed to cover the cost of claims where compensation for wrongful acts is made against the insured (for example, negligence or breach of trust).

Professional risks insurance

Working as a professional, your expertise is your business and offering your services, knowledge and advice runs its own unique set of risks. Being fully covered should you find yourself in the position of having your work or advice questioned is important. That’s why we work with insurers who can help you to cover the costs of potential compensation claims, legal costs and expenses required to defend yourself in court as well as loss of income from days spent in court.

Cyber insurance

Cyber-crime is on the increase in the UK with specialist organised crime groups targeting everyone, including charities. Your organisation could quickly be severely affected if your data or network is compromised. Our cyber liability cover is designed to support and protect you – providing effective cover against loss of income and claims made against you as well as access to legal advice and expertise to help minimise any damage.

Buildings, contents, equipment and stock insurance (asset insurance)

Buildings owned by your organisation will need insurance cover. Not only are we able to cover the buildings but can also provide comprehensive contents, stock and equipment insurance to protect the things inside your work premises that are essential for your organisation to run. This can cover against damage and theft for furniture, fixtures and fittings; stock; specialist equipment; personal items belonging to employees and visitors; damage to contents in windows and displays; and items used outside of the business premises in connection with your work.

Business interruption insurance

Building and contents policies alone make no allowances for any resulting financial loss during interrupted trading. That’s why business interruption insurance covers this loss of income or additional costs that may result.

Legal expenses insurance

If you have to defend yourself and your company in court, legal expenses cover can provide access to legal assistance (including assistance with employment disputes, contract disputes, property disputes, investigations and tax protection).

Contract works insurance

Insurance designed to cover builders and other trades to cover damage by an insured event to work that is underway on site, such as fire, theft, flood or malicious damage (for instance, vandalism).

Engineering inspection and breakdown insurance

These policies safeguard computers, plant and equipment against machinery breakdown and business interruption as well as providing statutory inspections services (including for lifts and pressured vessels).

Business travel insurance

We provide a wide range of cover for business trips, including medical expenses, repatriation, cancellation, delay, personal liability and loss of money. A 24-hour emergency helpline offers total support and reassurance.

Group personal accident

This provides valuable protection for your organisation and employees – protecting against injury, disability or death as the result of an accident.

Customer reviews

CEO Community Leisure UK
Kirklees Active Leisure
Finesse Leisure Partnership

CEO Community Leisure UK

Endsleigh is one of Community Leisure UK's oldest supporters and sponsors, providing good value for many of our members. In the of area of insurance, where it is vital to be well advised, Endsleigh's expertise, combined with their knowledge of the sector, makes an excellent fit with the needs of Community Leisure UK’s charitable trusts.

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Cate Atwater
Chief Executive Officer

Kirklees Active Leisure

KAL have been a longstanding customer of Endsleigh's and have always found them to be understanding of the needs of the leisure sector and supportive of working with leisure operators to effectively manage the insurance risks that operators face. Endsleigh also offer some useful added value elements that help to make them a valued partner rather than simply an insurance broker.

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Alasdair Brown
Chief Executive Officer

Finesse Leisure Partnership

Finesse Leisure Partnership has worked with Endsleigh for a number of years and very much value their expertise in the Leisure Trust sector in providing high quality cover at a very competitive premium. We appreciated the quality of their advice and the very personal service offered by their specialist Leisure Trust team.

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Natalie Palmer
Finance Director and Head of Paid Service


Following up to our meeting this service offered by Endsleigh and in particular the customer services offered are second to none. I'm so glad we found a user friendly company that works for the customer.

Open Speech Mark Close Speech Mark

Ian Hirst
Chief Executive Officer

We also provide...

Endsleigh Bursary

Providing targeted financial support to assist with risk management

Claims management

Claims management and analysis through detailed reports

Support and advice

Advice on managing incidents & providing information for insurers

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

Our team of specialist account managers are experts in sourcing the best insurance cover for their clients. They'll take the time to understand your organisation and advise you on the cover you'll need to protect it through our vast range of insurance options. Whether it's protecting your trust from cyber risks or finding cover for a particularly valuable piece of equipment, they'll speak to a panel of insurers to find the right cover for you.

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