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What does leisure trust insurance cover?

We’ll create a bespoke insurance solution with all the necessary covers to give you complete peace of mind that your financial interests are protected. Speak to one of our specialist account managers to get expert cover, support and advice for a range of leisure organisations and activities - including swimming pools, fitness and health suites, sports halls, courts and pitches and more.

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Cover for single leisure centres or multiple locations

We work with a market-leading panel of insurers to offer flexible protection for a range of organisations and activities across the UK, whether they’re a small centre or a large multiple-location leisure group. Not only that, but we understand that leisure trusts’ needs can vary greatly depending on the activities they run – which is why we’ll get to know your organisation in depth to make sure we’re providing the right amount of cover, as well as support with risk management workshops.

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Public liability insurance for swimming pools and other “high-risk” facilities

Swimming pools, climbing walls, golf courses, squash, tennis and badminton courts… these are all common amenities for leisure centres, but it can often be difficult to find the right cover at the right price for organisations with more complex public liability needs. We want you to feel confident with your cover, which is why we’ll help you find the right protection for all elements of your leisure centre against third party liability claims, including cover for medical fees, legal expenses and compensation claims.

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Expert advice and market-leading insurers

Risk identification can be complex for leisure organisations that offer a wide range of services and facilities. We’ll provide a dedicated account manager who will work with you to build a solution that meets the specific needs and risks of your organisation. Every year we’ll carry out market exercises to make sure you’re always getting the right cover at the most competitive price, as well as offering support with claims management and trend analysis.

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Our service promise

We work to a Service Level Agreement to make sure we’re always offering exceptionally fast solutions to your routine leisure trust insurance needs as they happen. If you need to make a change to your policy, we’ll respond the same day and won’t charge administration fees for any transaction, including new business, mid-term or renewal.

What is leisure trust insurance?


Every business or organisation has risks attached, but leisure trusts sometimes run more “adventurous” activities than other organisations that can open them up to a wide range of third party risks.

Not only that, but leisure trusts have a duty of care to their staff, service users and volunteers to make sure they’re financially protected should things go wrong, as well as fulfil any legal obligations with respect to public and employers’ liability insurance.

For example, if your leisure centre has facilities such as a swimming pool it’s going to be vital that you carry out the proper risk assessments and have sufficient insurance in place to protect against potentially costly liability claims or pool repairs should things go wrong.

Leisure trust insurance is designed to protect against these unique risks and more, allowing leisure centres to build their cover to include protections for their staff, service users and facilities all under one bespoke policy.

Specialists in the sports, leisure and cultural trust sector

leisure trust insurance
Leisure trusts

We’ve used our 30 years’ experience to build bespoke products and insurance schemes that meet the ever-evolving needs of leisure trusts - including cover for employers’ and public liability insurance, buildings and contents, events, single vehicles and motor fleets, business interruption, trustees’ indemnity and more.

cultural trust insurance
Arts and cultural trusts

Whether it’s a cultural trust, theatre or performing arts groups, we want you to have time to focus on your objectives. That’s why we’ve developed products designed to protect you as your organisation grows, with expert support and advice on hand from our specialist team of account managers.

sports club insurance
Sports clubs, associations and national governing bodies

We provide expert cover for over 30 satisfied national governing bodies (NGB) customers and over 200,000 students participating in a variety of sports across the UK, so we understand the potential risks your organisation could be facing on a day to day basis. We also have extensive experience in arranging insurance solutions for disability sports associations, working closely with organisations such as British Wheelchair Basketball and Disability Snowsport UK.

Leisure trust insurance: FAQs

As a specialists in the sector, we understand that leisure trusts have a lot on their plate – which is why we aim to make finding the right cover a simple process. Find out more about leisure trust insurance by reading our FAQs.

What covers are available for leisure trusts?

Leisure trust insurance with Endsleigh can include any (or all) of the following covers:

Public liability insurance

If you work with customers or through a third party, you may need to arrange cover for public liability. Equally, if your leisure centre has “high-risk” facilities such as swimming pools, climbing walls and squash courts (amongst others), then your risk of public injury and resulting compensation claims could be even higher. Although not technically a legal requirement, public liability insurance is an important cover to protect your organisation against the costs of potentially expensive third-party compensation claims and legal fees should someone get sick, injured or damage their property on your premises. Our policies also provide cover for legionella related claims.  

Product liability insurance

If you produce, sell or repair products as part of your services (for example, you have a fitness centre that provides supplements) then you will need product liability insurance. Similarly to public liability insurance, product liability cover can protect your business against claims for legal and compensation costs should the product you sell, manufacture or repair cause someone to get ill, injured, or damage their property.

Employers’ liability insurance

If your organisation employs at least one person, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. The minimum level of cover required by law is £5 million – without this policy, you may face large fines and reputational damage.

Directors’ and officers’ insurance

Financial protection to partners, directors and officers within a company (those people with a personal liability for the actions they take in undertaking their duties within the company) is vital. Without this cover, individuals can be held personally liable to the full extent of their wealth or assets. Often these policies can be extended to include claims made against the organisation as well as an individual.

Trustee indemnity insurance

The role of a trustee comes with certain responsibilities, exposing those individuals in trustee positions to the risk of being held personally liable should something go wrong. Trustee indemnity insurance is designed to cover the cost of claims where compensation for wrongful acts is made against the insured (for example, negligence or breach of trust).

Professional indemnity insurance

Working as a professional, your expertise is your business and offering your services, knowledge and advice runs its own unique set of risks. Being fully covered should you find yourself in the position of having your work or advice questioned is important. That’s why we work with insurers who can help you to cover the costs of potential compensation claims, legal costs and expenses required to defend yourself in court as well as loss of income from days spent in court.

Cyber insurance

Cyber-crime is on the increase in the UK with specialist organised crime groups targeting everyone, including charities and leisure trusts. Your organisation (and your reputation) could quickly be severely affected if your data or network is compromised. Our cyber liability cover is designed to support and protect you – providing effective cover against loss of income and claims made against you as well as access to legal advice and expertise to help minimise any damage.

Asset insurance

All assets that your organisation is financially responsible for – including buildings, contents, equipment and stock – will need to be covered under your leisure trust insurance. Not only are we able to cover leased or owned buildings, but can also provide comprehensive contents, stock and equipment insurance to protect the things inside your work premises that are important for your organisation to run. This can cover against damage and theft for furniture, fixtures and fittings, stock, specialist equipment, personal items belonging to employees and visitors, damage to contents in windows and displays and items used outside of the business premises in connection with your work.

Business interruption insurance

Building and contents policies alone make no allowances for any resulting financial loss during interrupted trading. That’s why business interruption insurance covers this loss of income or additional costs that may result.

Legal expenses insurance

If you have to defend yourself and your company in court, legal expenses cover can provide access to legal assistance (including assistance with employment disputes, contract disputes, property disputes, investigations and tax protection).

Contract works insurance

Insurance designed to cover builders and other trades to cover damage by an insured event to work that is underway on site, such as fire, theft, flood or malicious damage (for example, vandalism).

Engineering inspection and breakdown insurance

These policies safeguard computers, plant and equipment against machinery breakdown and business interruption as well as providing statutory inspections services (including for lifts and pressured vessels).


Business travel insurance

We provide a wide range of cover for business trips, including medical expenses, repatriation, cancellation, delay, personal liability and loss of money, as well as a 24-hour emergency helpline to offer total support and reassurance.

Group personal accident

This provides valuable protection for your organisation and employees – protecting against injury, disability or death as the result of an accident.

Speak to our specialist team to understand the covers you might need for your organisation.

What other services can leisure trusts access?

Our team of specialist account managers are experts in sourcing the best insurance cover for their clients. They'll take the time to understand your organisation and advise you on the cover you'll need to protect it through our vast range of insurance options.

We’re dedicated to providing an all-in-one service to leisure centres and trusts, which is why we also provide:

The Endsleigh Bursary

Providing targeted financial support to assist with risk management.

Risk management

We’ll support with identifying and managing the unique risks associated with your leisure trust.

Claims management

Claims management and analysis through detailed reports.

Support and advice

Advice on managing incidents and providing information for insurers.

Do you need public liability insurance for a community swimming pool?

Public liability insurance is essential for all businesses and organisations, no matter their size.

But leisure trusts have an extra duty of care to their staff, volunteers and clients to ensure all activities are conducted responsibly to mitigate unexpected accidents – especially if your leisure centre has “high-risk” facilities, such as swimming pools or climbing walls.

If your organisation is in breach of this duty - and as a result injury or damage is caused - then any third party could make a claim against your organisation for the damages.

From the risk of injuries to claims of negligence (and more), an unexpected incident at the pool could have an eye-wateringly high cost – which is why it’s vital that your leisure trust has carried out the proper assessments and has the appropriate public liability insurance in place to help mitigate these risks.

Speak to us to find out more about public liability insurance for your swimming pool or leisure trust.

Do you provide cover for swimming pool hirers?

If you rent out your swimming pool to the public, then you may require cover to protect you against third-party claims for personal injury or property damage while they’re using your leisure trust’s facilities.

The public and products liability section of your leisure trust insurance with Endsleigh automatically provides cover for third-party claims arising from the hire of premises.

If an external swimming club or group is hiring your pool, they will also need to have their own public liability insurance in place to protect their own interests.

Are events covered by leisure trust insurance?

While events are a great way to promote your leisure organisation, there are also plenty of risks involved - particularly when they involve members of the public, employees or volunteers.

Therefore if you’ll be engaging with the public or running events as part of your leisure trust’s activities, you may need public liability insurance in place to protect your organisation from potentially costly third party compensation claims.

Equally, some landlords and local authorities will require you to have public liability insurance in place before you’re allowed to book a venue for an event – so it’s important to check what’s required and arrange appropriate cover plenty of time in advance.

Whether you're holding a swimming gala or sports day, our leisure trust insurance will help make sure you’re financially protected against the risks of running an event - including cover for cancellation and curtailment, employers’ and public liability and money, stock, contents and equipment cover.

Find out more about charity event insurance and get a quote.

Burnley Leisure

Gerard Vinton

Within a matter of weeks Endsleigh saved the Trust nearly 50% of its insurance bill for exactly the same level of cover and with some additional cover added, such as cyber insurance. We happily agreed a three year deal, in a time of ensuring every penny counts. Our switch to Endsleigh was financially advantageous, and the Endsleigh team have been superb.

Community Leisure UK

Kirsty Cumming
Chief Executive

Endsleigh are a trusted and valued partner of Community Leisure UK. We have a long standing relationship and have consistently been impressed with their knowledge and friendly manner. They have a good understanding of the leisure sector and have always been willing to share insight and reflections with ourselves and our members, answering questions and explaining things in a clear and accessible manner.

Mytime Active

Georgie Reeves
Asset Manager

There are few insurance brokers that have the knowledge and expertise of both the industry and our sector than Endsleigh. Their technical knowledge and advice has translated into the improved policies and savings they have arranged for us. Endsleigh are a professional brokerage with a personal touch and customer centric focus.


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