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University bucket list

Things to do at uni

Whilst the main reason to go to university is to end up with a degree, you’re also there to enjoy yourself, experience new things and just focus on being you. You’ll probably head to uni with a bunch of things you really want to do. For this reason, we’ve put together our top 20 activities to add to your university bucket list – so you get the full uni experience.

Uni bucket list

1. Learn to cook at uni

This may seem obvious, but in all likelihood you’re probably planning on living on beans on toast when you move to university, much to your parent’s dismay. University is the perfect time to focus on your cooking skills as it will prepare you for life after you leave. It may also work out more cost effective to cook delicious and healthy meals – and if you like to cook in large volumes, your flat mates will be grateful too!


2. Take part in fancy dress

Fancy dress is a huge part of university life – from ‘back to school’ nights, to ‘emergency services’ parties where you’ll see hundreds of people running around as firemen, doctors, and life guards - now’s the time to build your fancy dress wardrobe and throw yourself into the mayhem!

3. Go on a pub crawl

Test yourself and take part in a pub crawl – this could either be a simple case of pub golf with your friends, or a society-organised event. Not only will you feel an unwarranted amount of pride when you complete it, even if you don’t, you’ll be a lot more familiar with your new surroundings after you’ve travelled through the whole city in search of the next pub.

4. Do some charity work

There are hundreds of opportunities to get involved in charity work whilst you’re at university – it doesn’t need to be an organised event either, you could plan and raise money for a cause that’s a bit closer to home. Either way, it’s a great way to save the planet and make some new friends at the same time.


5. Attend a Freshers’ Fair

Freshers’ week isn’t complete until you’ve wandered around your uni’s Freshers’ Fair taking as many free pens and goody bags as possible. Not only will you get a bunch of free stuff, you’ll also learn about a lot of cool organisations, societies and may even make some new friends too!

6. Join a society

As you attend your first freshers’ events, you’ll soon become aware of quite how many societies there are for you to take part in. From ‘assassin’ societies (yes, that’s actually a thing!) to chess clubs, there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy. Even if you only attend a meeting on a whim, societies are the perfect place to meet like-minded people.

7. Prank your flatmates

This isn’t a must, but it sure is fun! Not only is it a great bonding exercise, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative – you could ‘flag’ all of your flatmates belongings, meaning that they aren’t allowed to use them for a full 24 hours, or keep it simple and sticky notes all over their room! Check out our other blog about pranking your flatmates.


8. Pull an all-nighter at the university library

Although this doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, it really is. Put on your comfiest pyjamas, grab some snacks from the vending machine, and head down to the university library with some friends from your course. Not only will you be able to help each other with your assignments, but you’ll also be able to offer each other moral support when the going gets tough. Besides, how often do you get the university library all to yourself?

9. Help out someone from another course

There are hundreds of courses going on at your university, and whilst you’re there to study for your own degree, there’s no harm in checking out the message boards to see what’s going on in other departments of your university. You could act in a student film, or take part in a psychological study – either way, it’s an extra item to add to your CV, and yet another great opportunity to meet some new friends.

10. Support your university sport team

As well as hundreds of courses, there are also hundreds of sports teams – and your university is likely to have an array of unusual sports, from dragon-boating to American football, that you may not get the opportunity to watch at any other point in your life. So grab a team t-shirt and head out to show your support – your team will definitely be grateful to see some friendly faces in the stands!

11. Learn some halls chants

If you live on a campus uni, or your house mates are particularly patriotic about your uni/halls, you may find yourself learning halls/uni chants to shout at rival halls/unis on nights out!


12. Stay out until the sun comes up

It may not happen often, but some nights you may find it ends up getting light before you’ve even checked the time! You’ll probably spend all of the next day in bed though – so it’s definitely best not to make a habit of it!

13. Have your own uni Christmas dinner

If you really love your flat mates, you may be sad to leave them when you all head home for Christmas. One of the uni rights of passage is organising your own (budget) Christmas dinner. Pull together the coffee tables, get a table cloth, buy some crackers, give everyone their own task – it’ll run like a machine if everyone has their own role to play. And if you’re not exactly Jamie Oliver, volunteer yourself for washing up duty!

14. Have a uni BBQ

When the warmer weather arrives, you’ll have so much fun having BBQs with your house mates. You should always be really careful though and make sure your uni allows BBQs on their grounds and if so, find out what the rules are. For example, you may need to collect and return a fire extinguisher just to be safe.


15. Get a uni hoody

No uni experience is complete without a hoody to rep your university when you head back to your hometown (or anywhere else in the world!).

16. Learn how to reference

One of the hardest things about the first few months of uni is learning how to reference properly. But when you get it nailed, it’s an accomplishment you’ll be proud of forever!

17. Join a dinner club

Some universities have dinner club societies where you essentially go on a pub crawl, but to different student’s houses for each course. This can be a lot of fun but you should always make sure the society is approved by your uni and that you go with a group of people you’re comfortable with.

18. Visit your mate’s uni

Heading on a weekend trip to a different city to visit your best mate can be a lot of fun… and sometimes a welcome break from day to day uni life. You’ll get to meet your friend’s house mates, see what they’re getting up to on a daily basis and get a feel for how other uni students live.


19. Walk into the wrong lecture by accident

One of the dreaded moments for any student is walking into a lecture hall late, sitting down, then realising you’re in the wrong lecture hall. You’ll then be faced with two choices:

• Get up and walk out with everyone watching you
• Stay put for the whole lecture and hope no one notices

20. Graduate

Whilst it’s important to take part in societies and have fun, the main purpose of university is to leave with a degree at the end of it. So make sure to create time for your studies – even if you’re doing it surrounded by post-it notes that your flatmates have lovingly placed all over your belongings.

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