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Travel the world for less

Travelling doesn’t have to mean going to the other side of the world to have a good time, or spending a fortune along the way. Simply travelling in the UK could help you discover new and exciting places a little closer to home. But, if your dream is to be a world traveller, there are also plenty of affordable ways to travel abroad should you want to go a little further afield. Being able to travel the world on a budget opens up doors while your abroad - by saving a few pennies on your accommodation, it could mean you have the spare cash to go on that last minute excursion.

To help you with budget travelling, we’ve created a list of top tips to help you travel the world for less.

How to travel on a budget

Travel the world for less by doing the following:

  1. Choose countries with a lower cost of living once you’re there, such as South East Asia, Central America or the Balkans and Baltics in Europe.

  2. Reduce the price of your trip and feel smug about your environmental footprint by not flying. Travelling overland is much cheaper with a bus or rail pass and, if you choose to explore Europe, you can even take a bus across the English Channel. Besides, you’ll be able to enjoy far more scenery out of a bus or train window than you would by flying.

  3. Opt for hostels instead of hotels. As well as saving money, you might find that the hostel includes a free breakfast in your nightly price. The golden rule is the bigger the dorm, the less you generally have to pay.

  4. If you fancy the luxury of hotels, use a hotel comparison site for the best hotel rates and discounts.

  5. Eat local food from street sellers instead of opting for restaurants, or buy food from the supermarkets and use hostel kitchens to cook. If there is a group of you, this can really help to reduce the cost of your meal per head.

  6. Opt for local brands of beer or wine instead of imported spirits. Beer is generally the cheapest local drink.

  7. Take local buses instead of taxis. Some cities offer a two day or week-long pass, so ask at the tourist information office or transport desk for any tourist deals – perfect for budget travel.

  8. Buy a two day pass for an attraction if you’re unsure you can get around it in a day; these sometimes cost only a little more and will save you having to buy another ticket or missing out.

  9. Join a free walking tour instead of paying for one. They are a great way of seeing the city and you tip at the end according to the quality of the tour guide.

  10. Sign up for deal alerts for airlines and get deals sent direct to your inbox. If you are flexible with your dates and don’t mind where you travel, you can take advantage of low deals all over the world. As most people choose to fly at weekends, airlines often offer discounted rates during weekdays, with Tuesdays and Wednesdays being the cheapest days to fly.

  11. Avoid the height of summer and cities at weekends. Travelling towards the end of a season means cheaper rates, more room availability and fewer tourists.

  12. If there are a few of you wanting to sign up for an experience ask if a group discount is available.

And a few other things to consider...

By following the advice above, you’ll be able to see the most amazing sights across the world, without it costing too much. Be sure to give yourself a realistic budget, and these tips should help you stick to it - by saving money where you can, this will allow you to do more of the things you want to on your travels.

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