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Great ways to stay in touch at uni

Not everyone’s a social butterfly, which means that for some it doesn’t always come naturally to maintain constant contact with friends and family whilst at uni. When you can engage in a conversation with someone on the other side of campus with the click of a button, it can sometimes be overwhelming to keep in touch with everyone at the same time.

If this fast paced environment isn’t for you, here are some simple but effective ways of staying in touch at uni.

Arrange a weekly dinner

If you’re a bit of a lone-wolf, having your entire weekly schedule jam-packed full of social activities might seem a bit exhausting. Arrange a weekly meal with all of your housemates so that you can do all of your socialising in one fell swoop, taking the pressure off for the rest of the week. It’s also a nice way to bond with your housemates.

Deposit post-it notes around the house

If you know you’re not going to be around much for a few days, make your presence in the house felt by leaving post-it notes in various hiding places for your housemates to find. Funny drawings hidden in the fridge are always a great way to improve your friends’ day.

Participate in the group chat

Ok, so maybe you need to engage in social media sometimes! Group chats are great for staying in touch with multiple people at once – instead of sending five separate messages, you can just send one to the group chat and save yourself a bit of time. And it’s a great way of planning activities for when you are feeling sociable.

Take some time for yourself

Whilst it’s important to socialise at uni, if you need some alone time it’s important to make time to wind down. The benefit of apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp is that you can mute conversations, dipping in and out of the conversation when you want to. You can also specify the amount of time that the conversation is muted for so that you actually remember to reply!

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