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What to do on arrival day

Arrival day is one of the biggest days of your time at university and it helps to be prepared. To get you ready for the big day, we’ve put together a few useful pointers to help things go smoothly.

Make sure you’ve got the route and timings sorted

Arrival day can be stressful enough without getting lost on the way. Make sure you are certain that you know exactly where you’re going and whether your halls have any specific details about when you can arrive and where you can park.

Get your student card

It’s probably the most important item you will have at university, so make sure you grab it as soon as possible. The halls may have an area set up for sorting your card out. As for the photo on the card, make sure it’s a good one - you’ll be stuck with it for the rest of your time at university.

Register with your GP

The university will often have tables set up on arrival day where you can register with your local GP. If these are around, make sure you register as soon as you can. If this isn’t possible check out the NHS website to find your local doctors surgery.

Get food and drink

Make sure you stock up on all the essentials, including tins, jars, and pasta.

Meet your new flatmates

Arguably, the most important part of your arrival day will be meeting your new flatmates. These are the people you’ll be living with for at least the next year. Be sure to introduce yourself to everyone.

Have a wander around your halls/campus

If you get a bit of spare time, use it to familiarise yourself with your surroundings. Sometimes university halls can look a bit similar, so make sure you know exactly which block is yours. Try and find out where the nearest bus stop is and what it’s called – you’ll probably need to know this later on in the evening.

Sort out cupboards and fridge space

Have a quick chat with your flatmates to find out which cupboards and shelves are taken already, then try and grab the best remaining one.

Find out what’s going on in your student union

Your halls will probably be putting on an event in the evening to bring all the new students together. Go along with your flatmates and introduce yourself to as many people as you can.

The most important point we can make however is to not stress! Arrival day can be a nerve-wracking experience, but remember everybody is in the same boat. This is only the start of your university experience.

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