What is student gadget insurance?

Heading off to university is an exciting time in your life. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re as chilled as possible. When you’re about to start your next adventure, you want to be focusing on the exciting things – meeting your new flat mates, starting your course, really focusing on being you.

Damaging your favourite gadget can put an abrupt stop to all of the above – especially if it’s expensive to replace and you really can’t do without it.


Student gadget insurance protects your favourite gadgets so that if anything happens to them, you’d wouldn’t have to spend your student loan replacing them. What’s so special about student insurance? It’s literally built for students like you. What does this really mean? It’s affordable, easy to take out and more importantly, is flexible to your lifestyle.

This article will explain how student gadget insurance works, with real-life examples of when you’d need it and how it would help.

What do you get with student gadget insurance?

Different insurance policies offer different features and different types of cover. The reason our insurance is so perfect for students like you is because we designed our policies around your lifestyle. Here are some of our most popular student gadget insurance features:

24 hour replacement once your claim has been approved (if stolen or unrepairable) – so you’ll never be without your essential gadgets for long.

Cover anywhere in the UK- (plus up to 90 days worldwide)

Cover for accidental damage – So we’ve got your back for any accidental mishaps

Cover for theft – So if someone swipes your laptop when you’re not around, you’ll be covered for a 24 hour replacement once your claim has been approved.

Cover for malicious damage

Check your policy wording for a full list of what is and isn’t covered.


What options do I have for student gadget insurance?

Because we know all students are different, we have a few different options for you to choose from to insure your gadgets.

Everywhere Student Packs – Simply pick a cover of £1,000, £1,500 or £2,500 to protect your favourite gadgets with no need to specify items. Read more on our student gadget insurance page.

Build your own cover – If our Everywhere Student Packs don’t quite fit the bill, you can build your own level of cover for your gadgets. You can also include protection for your belongings (contents insurance), bicycles, musical instruments, tuition fees and rent protection, legal fees, key care and laptop theft.

Why should I insure my gadgets and when would I need insurance?

What will you be taking to university? Your phone? Your laptop? Your PlayStation or Xbox? There are so many different times in your life where you’ll benefit from student gadget insurance. Here are a few examples.


You drop your laptop

Your laptop will probably be your best mate at uni. From nights in with Netflix, to working hard to complete uni assignments hours before the deadline - it’s mad how much you can rely on one gadget.

But if your backpack strap snaps and your laptop crashes to the floor, or maybe you balance it too close to the edge of your sofa, you may be facing the harsh reality of being laptop-less… which isn’t fun!

Having gadget insurance means that if this did happen and it couldn’t be repaired, we’d provide you with a replacement within 24 hours of your claim being approved. So you could get straight back to your Netflix schedule without much interruption.


You smash your screen and can’t use your phone

Most of us have been there. You pick up a few too many things at once and end up dropping your phone. If your screen takes the brunt of the fall, you may be faced with a phone that doesn’t work. And how are you supposed to keep up with your mates on social media without it? And how will you stay in touch with your family?

As our mobile phone insurance provides cover for cracked screens and accidental damage, if this happens to you, you can make a claim. All you have to pay is your excess (which is usually just £50). Whether we’re able to repair your screen or we need to send you a brand new phone, you won’t be out of touch for long!


Your Xbox is stolen

It’s not nice to think someone would steal your belongings, but unfortunately students tend to be seen as easy targets for thieves. This is because they usually have lots of valuables and relaxed security.

How gutted would you be if you came home one day and your student home had been broken into? How much more gutted would you be if your Xbox had been stolen and you couldn’t have a game of FIFA after a long day at uni? Having gadget insurance for your games console would mean that you could make a claim and we’d replace your Xbox within 24 hours of your claim being approved.


Your break your camera

If you’re a keen photographer and you take your camera out and about with you, you’ll probably be devastated if anything happens to it. Insurance would mean that you’d be able to make a claim and we’d either try and repair your camera for you, or provide you with a brand new one within 24 hours of your claim being approved.


You damage your headphones

With so much going on at university, it can be easy for accidents to happen. For instance, if you drop your best headphones whilst walking around campus, you’d need to fork out for some new ones or buy some cheaper ones of a lesser quality… If you had gadget insurance in place, you could claim and we’d either try and repair your headphones for you, or provide you with brand new ones of an equivalent module – and all you’ll have to pay is your excess (usually £50).

What is classed as a gadget?

When it comes to student gadget insurance, you may be wondering which of your belongings is covered. Here is a list:

• Laptops
• Tablets
• Smart watches
• MP3/4 players
• Earphones, earbuds and headphones
• Digital cameras and camera lenses
• Video cameras
• Games consoles
• Portable games consoles
• e-readers
• Sat navs and GPS devices
• Palm tops

You can cover any or all of the above gadgets with your policy.


Why gadgets for students are important

Before taking all of your gadgets to university, it's important to think about how you'll use them while you're there. If you're planning on using your laptop for your studies, you might want to protect it when you're out and about at lectures or study groups. You'll also need your phone with you at all times for emergencies and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Aside from gadget insurance, there are many other student insurance plans available to give you peace of mind when you move to university. If you’re taking your car with you, why not have a look into student car insurance? Or student contents insurance to protect the items that aren't covered by gadget insurance, such as your television.

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