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Student life

What are your parents looking forward to?

We asked your parents on Mumsnet what they were most looking forward to about you going to uni – and whilst a lot of parents were mostly looking forward to your weekend visits home, a few had other ideas. Here’s what your parents told us they were most excited about…

1. Having control over the remote

It quickly became clear how your parents were going to be spending their time as soon as you departed for university. A lot of parents stated that they were most looking forward to “listening to my own music, rather than complaining about grime music being constantly blasted out” and “watching what I want on telly.”

2. Seeing the bottom of the washing basket

Some parents were optimistic about the prospect of no longer having endless reams of washing. The rest, however, were under no illusion that they wouldn’t be seeing the same amount of washing – they’ll just be doing it when their kids visit home instead!

3. Taking over your bedroom

It seems that as soon as you vacate your childhood bedroom, your parents will be doing a bit of refurbishment. Whether it becomes a study, an art studio, or (in the case of one parent) “a spare room to escape into if I need to avoid snoring,” you might find yourself sleeping on the sofa when you visit.

4. A lot more travelling

Now that your parents will have a bit more spare time, they plan on using it to travel the world. It’ll likely be cheaper and less busy as well, as they no longer have to stick to peak school holiday times.

5. A clean and tidy house

It’s not a secret that teenagers are messy – but we had no idea quite how messy! Between wet towels heaped on the bathroom floor, to endless crisp packets tucked away in unexpected places, your parents are looking forward to a clean and tidy house!

6. Being able to use the bathroom

This one needs no explanation – not only were your parents looking forward to being able to use the bathroom, but they were also looking forward to it no longer looking like “a bomb has been exploded."

7. Having plenty of mugs and dishes in the cupboard

On top of the endless crisp packets and wet towels, it seems that the entirety of your home’s mug and plate collection would slowly gravitate towards your bedroom – which makes things difficult when all your parents need is a cup of tea!

8. Being able to cook normal-size portions

A lot of parents were looking forward to “being able to cook normal portions of food instead of growing boy’s portions.” They were also looking forward to being able to eat what they want, when they want – so if there’s a bar of chocolate in the cupboard, now they can guarantee it’ll still be there waiting for them!

9. No more late-night pick ups

You may not have realised it, but apparently parents aren’t a huge fan of late night phone calls asking for a lift. Aside from getting a bit more sleep, parents were looking forward to all the money they were going to save on petrol.

10. Graduation day

Despite all the points above, what parents are really looking forward to is their child gaining more independence and life experience whilst away at uni, as well as seeing them in that famously flattering cap and gown on their graduation day.

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