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The ultimate student insurance guide

First uploaded: 31/08/22

When it comes to insurance, we know that there are other things you’d rather spend your time sorting. Whether that’s preparing for uni, planning your next trip or catching up with your favourite TikTok content. st We also know that insurance can be confusing (not to mention a bit boring!). There are so many different types of insurance out there, how are you to know where to start? At Endsleigh, we offer specialist student insurance cover for a whole range of your belongings. But how do you know what type of cover you need? How do you make sure you understand it fully before you buy it? And how do you make sure you’re not buying insurance you don’t need?

In this article we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide on navigating student insurance, including explaining the difference between the two most popular student products offered via our partnerships:

• Student contents insurance with our partner, studentGuard
• Student gadget insurance with our partner, Protect Your Bubble

So when it comes to protecting your things, you can make the decision that’s right for you.


Step 1 – Check if you’re covered on your parents’ insurance

As a student, the last thing you want is to buy insurance that you don’t need. And your parents or guardian may have insurance in place that covers your belongings too.

Top tip: The main thing to keep in mind is making sure you’re still covered if you’re outside of the property, or living outside of the family home (for example, in halls).

If you’re not covered, or maybe only some items are covered in certain circumstances, you’ll probably want to source some more comprehensive insurance. You can do this through our partners (including Endsleigh-exclusive discounts), and you can read all about it below.

Also, it may be cheaper to insure your things on your own policy. And you wouldn’t risk your parents’ No Claims Bonus (NCB) if you needed to make a claim.


Step 2 – Check if you’re covered by your accommodation provider

Did you know that over 500,000 students already have student contents insurance via their accommodation provider through Endsleigh? And you could be one of them!

If you’re staying in halls, all you have to do to check is click here and you can see what kind of cover you have as standard, as well as access your policy documents.

There are two important things note here:

• If you do have insurance with your accommodation provider, make sure you check if all your important gadgets (such as iPads, laptops, tablets, cameras etc.) are covered.
• Also be sure to check if the cover is limited to within your accommodation.

Once you’re more familiar with what’s covered, you can decide whether you need to add on more cover through our partners. And what’s more, some of them have exclusive discounts (read more about these below!).


Step 3 - Check out your options for student contents insurance

It’s time to check out your options for student contents insurance.

If you’ve made it this far without discovering cover that you didn’t know about, don’t worry, we’ve got you! If you already have student contents insurance, you can skip to step four.

What is student contents insurance?

Student contents insurance covers your belongings in your student home. Cover is usually for items within the student home (unless further cover is added on). Meaning if you take items to uni or on a night out, they usually won’t be covered. It’s a good idea to always check what’s covered in a policy as it’s normal for certain things not to be included. For example, cover might not include accidental damage, but you may be able to add it on for an additional cost.

Student contents insurance with studentGuard

We partnered with studentGuard to offer student contents insurance just for students like you. The policy has four different levels of cover, so you can adapt your policy to your needs and budget! Plus, you’ll get an Endsleigh-exclusive 10% off. That’s cover from just £3.04* per month!

You’ll also be covered when transporting your contents between your family home and student accommodation at the beginning and end of term (on those well-awaited move-out days!), plus your college books and any property on loan will be covered too.

*Cost is dependent on level of cover and postcode. Price quoted is based on £5,000 sum insured from studentGuard’s standard contents only cover, without optional covers at a B62 postcode (13/5/22 and up to 82% of customers likely to achieve £3.04 price)

What’s covered?

You’ll be covered in a variety of circumstances such as loss from theft, attempted theft, malicious damage, and fire and flood – all inside your home.

If you wanted to extend your cover to include protection for your possessions away from home, cover against accidental damage, or even add on dedicated mobile phone cover, you can add these covers on (if you have the core cover). But be sure to check you don’t already have cover for your gadgets or mobile phone - so you don’t end up over-insuring.

As well as cover for your own things, you’ll also get up to £5,000 tenant’s liability cover - this covers loss or damage to your landlord's fixtures and fittings (which you are legally liable for under the terms of your tenancy agreement at your student home). But it does exclude accidental damage.

The core policy also covers you for loss and support due to an assault or mugging.

How do I know if studentGuard is for me?

studentGuard cover could be useful for students who:

• Don’t have contents or gadget cover provided by their accommodation provider and are living in private rented accommodation.
• Need student-specific cover which includes key student benefits (such as tenants’ liability cover to satisfy landlord requirements).
• Want one single insurer and contact to cover all their contents and gadget needs at home and when they’re are on the move.
• May just need core contents cover in their accommodation.
• Want flexibility to tailor their plan to meet their own unique needs and budget.

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Step 4 – Check out your options for student gadget insurance

If you’ve sorted your student contents insurance, but you want to fill the gaps where you may not be covered – or maybe you’ve decided you don’t need contents cover because you’re living at home – it’s time to check out your student gadget insurance options.

What is student gadget insurance?

Student gadget insurance covers your favourite tech in a bunch of different circumstances – usually including both inside and outside of your student accommodation. It’s designed for high value gadgets and offers a wider range of cover, including things like mechanical breakdowns and repairs.

Student gadget insurance with Protect Your Bubble

We partnered with Protect Your Bubble to offer gadget insurance that was specifically designed for students. Cover starts at just £2.99* per month and can be bought online in just under three minutes. Plus, you won’t be tied into an annual contract as the cover rolls over and you’ll get an Endsleigh-exclusive 15% off when you insure up to two gadgets! You can also choose to cover any three items for £15.99 per month.

The benefit of insuring your gadgets on one policy is that you only have one insurer to think about if something unexpected happens.

*Based on a Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Wi-Fi under six months old.

What’s covered?

• Worldwide cover for gadgets – including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, desktop PCs, cameras and more.
• Cover for theft, damage and mechanical breakdown.
• Unlimited repairs using genuine parts.
• And more!

How do I know if Protect Your Bubble’s student gadget insurance is for me?

Protect Your Bubble’s student gadget cover could be useful for students who:

• Already have contents cover provided by their accommodation provider (such as halls of residence), but laptops etc. may not be included as part of the standard contents policy provided, or they simply want to extend cover for their gadgets.
• Are living at home – but want to make sure their gadgets are covered whilst out and about and for any accidental damage to those favourite bits of tech!
• Don’t wish to buy contents insurance that includes a range of covers, including tenants’ liability etc. but just want to make sure their high value possessions are protected when on the move.

Get a Protect Your Bubble quote

How do I choose between studentGuard and Protect Your Bubble’s mobile phone insurance?

If you’ve chosen studentGuard’s core student contents insurance, but are also considering Protect Your Bubble to cover your favourite gadgets, you’ve probably noticed that you’ll have two options for insuring your mobile phone.

Here we’re going to help you make an informed decision by showing you a comparison of the two covers.

Protect Your Bubble mobile cover

Can I purchase as standalone cover?


Is worldwide cover included?

Yes, with no time restriction.

Is there a limit on smartphone age?

Yes, your smartphone must be no more than six months old.

What cover is there for theft: unauthorised calls or data usage?


How many replacement phones will I be eligible for?

Two per year.

Will I be covered for mechanical breakdown?

Yes, mechanical breakdown cover is included.

Will I be covered for loss?

You can add on loss cover for an extra £1.50 per month.

What is the contract term?*

There is no annual contract. Cover rolls over on a monthly basis.

What is the excess when making a claim?

The excess varies depending on the type of claim and smartphone.

Is there replacement phone cover?

Yes, Protect Your Bubble offer replacement cover.

studentGuard mobile cover

Can I purchase as standalone cover?

No, this cover can only be chosen when you purchase studentGuard’s core contents insurance.

Is worldwide cover included?

Yes, you’ll get 60 days of worldwide cover.

Is there a limit on smartphone age?

Yes, your smartphone must be no more than four years old.

What cover is there for theft: unauthorised calls or data usage?


How many replacement phones will I be eligible for?

Two per year.

Will I be covered for mechanical breakdown?

No, mechanical breakdown cover is not included.

Will I be covered for loss?

No, loss cover is not included.

What is the contract term?

It’s a 12 month contract with a 0% monthly payment.

What is the excess when making a claim?


Is there replacement phone cover?

Yes you can choose between cover amounts of £750, £1,000 and £1,250.


Step 5 – Consider other types of student-friendly insurance

You take a lot of valuable belongings to uni – whether you’re living at home or in accommodation. So aside from your expensive tech, you’ll likely want to consider insuring other items that you’re taking with you. These could include:

Musical instruments – Studying a music degree? Taking your guitar to uni so you can entertain your flatmates at pre-drinks? Our partner, musicGuard, offer Endsleigh customers a 10% discount on specialist musical instrument insurance!

Bicycles- Thinking of taking your bike to university to get from A to B? Check out cycleGuard - specialist cycle insurance which offers flexible cover options to suit your needs and budget, plus 15% discount for Endsleigh customers!

As we said earlier, it’s worth checking your parents’ household policy to see if it includes cover whilst living away from the family home. And even then, it’s important to check whether your items are covered on a ‘new for old’ basis and when they’re away from your student accommodation.

You can access all of these covers and more on the My Endsleigh app.

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