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Top tips for parking your car

According to our recent poll, it turns out that the majority of drivers prefer to reverse into the space, rather than driving straight in or parallel parking.

But let’s face it, no-one’s a huge fan of parking. To help you out, we’ve pulled together our top tips for parking like a pro.

1. Find a reference point

Whether you’re reversing into a space, parallel parking or driving in forwards, it’s important to find a reference point on your car that will let you know when you need to turn into the space. Use your mirrors to find a reference point that works for you, and use it every time you park.

2. Take it slow

Whilst you need to move your car slowly into the space by accelerating gently, you’ll need to turn the steering wheel quickly to ensure your car manoeuvres in time to avoid hitting anything. Again, reference points will help you here.

3. Keep an eye on your surroundings

Use your mirrors to see how close you are to other cars, as well as keeping an eye on your surroundings – a pedestrian or cyclist could pass by at any moment, so it’s important to know what’s going on around you.

4. Consider if you’ll be able to get out of the space

It’s worth considering whether, if another car were to park too close, you would still be able to make it out of the space. Leave plenty of room between your car and surrounding vehicles to ensure you have plenty of space when you need to move.

5. Take a note of where you’ve parked

When you’re in a rush, it’s surprisingly easy to forget where you parked your car – after all, most car parks and side roads look very similar! Take note of the name of the street or car park, or any distinguishing landmarks that will help you find your car later on.

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