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How to be yourself: Tips and reasons why it's REALLY important

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Going to uni is usually described as one of the best times in your life. New friends, new experiences and a whole new chapter. The first few months of uni can sometimes be a shock to the system, especially if you’re living away from home.

When you’re busy, going through a lot of change and trying new stuff, it’s so easy to lose yourself a little. Lots of people go away to uni to ‘find’ who they really are. But what if you’ve always been that person, and all you really need to do is focus on being you, then the rest will come naturally?

Here at Endsleigh, we think you should never try to be anything but yourself. For this reason, we want to help you not ‘find yourself’ at uni, be ‘be yourself’, because you’re already great as you are.


Tips on becoming yourself at uni

How to be kind to yourself

You’re facing a new challenge, new experiences and lots of new people. It’s going to be so much fun, but it may be tough at the start too. You need to remember to be kind to yourself. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Don’t let yourself feel bad if you don’t fancy doing the same as everyone else. Don’t beat yourself up if you happen to miss home sometimes. Don’t worry if things aren’t going exactly as you thought they initially would.

Lots of new experiences mean lots of new emotions. Keeping a level head and reminding yourself to be as kind to yourself as you’re being to others can make a big difference, and also remind you to keep being you.

How to be good to yourself

Going to uni can mean more time studying, partying, making new friends and having new experiences. Whether you’re living at uni or at home, this can take it out of the most organised of students (cue freshers’ flu!). Whilst it’s important to make time for all of these new experiences, don’t forget to be good to yourself too. Eat well. Stay hydrated. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. You can only be the best version of you when you’re thriving.


How to be proud of yourself

When you go to uni, you’ll meet lots of new and interesting people. It can be easy to compare yourself to people you live with or students on your course. Whilst this may be natural sometimes, it’s so important not to dwell on it. Remind yourself how far you’ve come and how much it took to get where you are.

School. Studying. Exams. Saving. You’ve done an incredible job, be proud of yourself! And also remember that everyone has a different background, different experiences and that you’ll never know the full details of someone else’s story. You’ve done outstandingly to get where you are, don’t let yourself forget it!

How to be true to yourself

Whilst you’ll meet a lot of good people, you may meet one or two who aren’t that great and whose intentions aren’t in the right place. In a new environment with new people, it can be easy to get influenced – especially if these people are the only people you know at the start. But remember that if anyone is doing something you don’t believe in, the only way you can ‘be you’ is to be true to yourself. Don’t give in to peer pressure and learn stand your ground if your gut is telling you to be wary.

How to be happy with yourself

Self-love and self-confidence is very much a journey – we’re sure you know that by now. There may be some days where you’re pleased with yourself and there may be others where you’re comparing yourself to your friends. Accepting that this is a journey is a really good first step.

Whenever you can feel yourself being self-critical, remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can and you’ll hopefully have a new outlook tomorrow. If you’re struggling more seriously with your mental health, don’t be afraid to reach out for support and to talk about it.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

If you have a bad day, don’t do as great as you’d have liked on an exam, or are missing home, remind yourself this: you are only human. Mistakes happen and not every day will be perfect. Tell yourself that you’ll probably have a better day tomorrow and try not to dwell. You’re not being the best version of yourself when you’re giving yourself a hard time.


How to become the best version of yourself

Uni will help you grow as a person, but it’ll help you build on yourself, rather become someone new. You could say that it’ll help you become the best version of yourself. Being kind and proud of yourself, true and good to yourself and happy and not so hard on yourself will help you grow and develop as a person whilst still being you. Remembering that you’re only human and that you already are who you need to be, can go a long way in helping you focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

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