Student life

A step-by-step guide to free student wellbeing support

It’s been an unexpected few years. The pandemic has seen us become more isolated and spend more time on social media, which isn’t good for anyone’s mental health! Plus, with recent reports of first-year students scoring low results in tests based on happiness and optimism, it’s never been clearer that more needs to be done to support students’ mental health and wellbeing.

At Endsleigh, we’re always working hard to help make students’ lives easier and this year has seen the launch of our brand-new app, My Endsleigh.

As a student, you can get access to a free 24/7 wellbeing helpline through My Endsleigh (powered by Health Assured). Whether you’re dealing with exam stress, money worries or bereavement, it’s good to know that there’s someone you can speak to for advice – wherever and whenever.

Why might I need to access the helpline?

We understand the pressures you face as a student are varied and can negatively impact your mental health and wellbeing. That’s why this 24/7 wellbeing helpline gives you access to qualified counsellors to support you in a whole range of different circumstances.

You could be having problems at home, dealing with financial worries, going through a bereavement, needing help with legal information, suffering from anxiety or just having a bad day – the wellbeing helpline is there to help you with all your personal and academic problems.

How do you access the helpline?

Step 1: Download the My Endsleigh app

Click here to download My Endsleigh.


Step 2: Sign up and set up a pin

Either use your email address or Facebook to set up an account. Then set up a pin for easy app access.


Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click ‘Find out more’

Scroll straight passed all the other great app features until you hit ‘Wellbeing helpline’, then click ‘Find out more’.


Step 4: Click ‘Call now’ and quote My Endsleigh

As soon as you’re ready to speak to someone, click ‘Call now’ and quote My Endsleigh to access the service.


Step 5: Speak to qualified counsellors about your worries

Then you’ll go on to receive confidential support for both personal and academic problems.

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What else can I do in the My Endsleigh app?

As well as having access to a 24/7 wellbeing service, My Endsleigh allows you to:

• View the insurance provided by your accommodation
• See what is and isn’t covered
• Top up your cover so all your essential items are protected
• Access rewards and earn cashback when you spend
• Get claims support

Download the My Endsleigh app today and get a free coffee whilst doing so!