5th September 2017

Serious students defy stereotypes and put academic success above partying

  • Achieving academic success is what three quarters (71%) of UK students are most looking forward to when starting university
  • Nearly one quarter (23%) of students see living away from home as a main benefit of going to university
  • Almost half of all students (45%) stated that gaining more independence was a key priority

Nearly three quarters (71%) of students say that they were most looking forward to achieving academic success before they started university while only a fifth (20%) were most looking forward to going out and partying, new research has revealed.

Academic success was also cited as the main concern for a third of Freshers (33%) with exams and academic deadlines also on students’ minds, according the study conducted by the National Union of Students on behalf of student insurance provider Endsleigh. But many young people were excited about the prospect of freedom with nearly half (45%) of students saying they were most looking forward to gaining their independence, while a further quarter (23%) explicitly cited living away from home as a benefit of university life – a sentiment shared by their parents.

In a Mumsnet post, Endsleigh asked parents what they were most looking forward to once their children had flown the nest, with taking back control of the household and having a smaller laundry pile or a cleaner house top of mind. While students look forward to attending lectures and spending time in the library, parents are also looking forward to quality time together as a couple and having the chance to rekindle some child-free romance.

Julia Alpan, Head of Marketing, Endsleigh Insurance, said:

“With uni just around the corner, thoughts of student life are front of mind for many young people. Despite having a reputation for fun, we wanted to demonstrate that most students are more focused on their studies than on over-indulging in the potential excesses of university life. Students deserve credit for the hard work and dedication that goes into attaining degrees.”

Alpan also reminded young people and their parents to chat about money management before heading off to university, after the survey found that two in five (40%) of students are concerned about this with a quarter (25%) of those surveyed saying they spent their student loan instalment within a month.

She added: “Before enjoying that feeling of freedom, we encourage parents to help their children think about setting a budget, opening a good student account, and getting any gadget and contents insurance in place so that they can focus on their studies.”



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  • Student research findings come from data gathered by NUS between April and May 2017, with a sample of 2,064 university students aged 18-25.
  • Responses from Mumsnet come from an August 2017 post sponsored by Endsleigh asking parents what they were most looking forward to about their children flying the nest for university.


Some of the best responses from parents on Mumsnet:


  • ‘Having all of my house tidy and having plenty of cups in the cupboard at all times!’
  • ‘We will have to do something to compensate – maybe take up an instrument?’
  • ‘Looking forward to not having to hunt for errant mugs, glasses and crockery from son's bedroom!’
  • ‘Moving into a 1 bed caravan by the sea!’
  • ‘I will enjoy having a few drinkiepoos with the DH (darling husband) when the "taxi" is parked up for the day.’
  • ‘Being able to cook normal portions of food instead of growing boys portions. I imagine we'll have lots of leftovers for a while, in the adjustment phase!’
  • ‘I will enjoy doing less laundry and not having so much mess to clear up plus the toilet lid won't always be left up!’
  • ‘I am looking forward to getting up in the morning and not finding a snoring teenager on the sofa and not having to empty the living room bin twice a day due to all the fizzy pop cans and crisp packets.’
  • ‘Being able to have a jar of Nutella for more than a couple of days…’
  • ‘I'm looking forward to being able to get into the bathroom! My ds (darling son) spends soooo long in there and at such odd times’
  • ‘Not having to sit with crossed legs while waiting for my daughter to vacate the bathroom when she is primping for a night out!!’
  • ‘I'm looking forward to when going to the loo will not be a game of "Floor and Toilet Bowl Jeopardy", not finding squirreled away apple cores and crisp packets down the side of the sofa and not having to catering for an army of hollow legged gannets.’
  • ‘I'm also looking forward to buying a 6 pack of Hula Hoops and there actually being a pack left when I go to get one the next day.’


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