14th September 2017

Figures suggest at least one in four new phone screens will be broken

Apple fans planning an upgrade to the newly unveiled iPhone should be extra-careful once they get their hands on the new model, as figures released by insurer Endsleigh show one in four people have broken their phone screen at least once - nearly half within three months of getting their new phone.

The research reveals that the new big screen of the iPhone X will be most at risk in the first three months of ownership.  This is when most people who’ve had a broken screen had their accident, though nearly one in ten (8%) managed to break theirs within just one week.

The most common way screens are broken is simply to accidentally drop it (60%). One in five (20%) had it slip out of a bag or pockets, while nearly one in ten (9%) suffered damage from other items in a bag – 2% managed to drop it in the toilet.

Nearly one in six (16%) people have had a phone stolen from them before, suggesting that new iPhone X owners should also be on the lookout for theft, especially given that this model is expected to be the most expensive iPhone ever released, making it an even more enticing target for criminals.

Julia Alpan from Endsleigh said:

“As mobile phones become increasingly powerful and sport more and more amazing features, they’re also becoming more substantial investments. It’s important people take a few precautions with their new devices, as unfortunately the research shows that accidents and theft do happen.

Don’t let the excitement of getting your hands on an flash new phone distract you from taking care of the details stuff, like getting gadget insurance – once you’re covered you can dive into those new features in peace, without worrying so much about a slip of the hands or an open bag.”

Endsleigh suggests some simple tips to help them extend the life of that shiny new phone screen:

  • Don’t text and walk – Not only is it dangerous, it’s a hard landing for your phone screen as two thirds of those whose phones have slipped from their grip will agree!
  • Buy a protective cover for your phone – Let’s be honest, you’ll almost certainly drop it at some stage so better be safe than sorry. And they needn’t cost the earth.
  • Zip itup – If you’re running for a bus or train, make sure you’ve stashed your phone properly or face the consequences when it slips out of your pocket!
  • Take out an insurance policy – Given the short lifespan of your average phone screen, why take the risk of being stuck with a smashed screen? Some insurers cover loss as standard and have a 24-hour replacement time so you’re not stuck with a broken screen for months!





  • Research findings come from data gathered by OnePoll between 31.03.2017 - 07.04.2017 from a nationally representative sample of 2000 UK adults.


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