29th September 2015

Don’t panic! 84% of students happy with their choice of uni

29th September 2015: 84% of university students believe they did the right thing when it came to selecting their particular university, according to new statistics from Endsleigh, which has been insuring students and young professionals since 1965 and is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The survey, carried out by the NUS Insights Team on behalf of Endsleigh, asked 4,642 current university students about their doubts and fears in the run up to leaving home for university – and whether these had been justified.

… And relax
According to the findings, while 68% of students remember looking forward to meeting new people, making friends was also their biggest concern (46%) in the run up to university. Similarly, whilst two-thirds (66%) of students remember being eager to achieve academic success, they also identified this as having been one of their primary worries (40%) before getting stuck in to university life.

The survey, however, found that once actually at university, bonding with others was only a concern for a mere 5% of students, who were also un-phased by social pressures or fitting in – which remained a worry for just 4% of those asked, down from 23% pre-university.

In fact, the results showed that students’ primary focus became doing well in their studies – a number one concern for 62% of students – with exams and academic deadlines (49%) and applying for graduate jobs (42%) also making it into the top three.

Interestingly, achieving academic success was also identified as students’ favourite aspect of life at university by over two-thirds (67%) of respondents – while independence (52%) and meeting new people (50%) also scored highly.

What you really DON’T need to worry about
Endsleigh’s research found that, before setting off to university, almost a quarter (22%) of students had worried about being away from home. Once there, however, only 4% said they actually felt homesick. Having fun (32%) and living away from home or in a new area (29%), on the other hand, were also named amongst students’ favourite aspects of university life.

Money matters
When preparing to leave home for university, 38% of students admitted to having worried that they would struggle to manage their money effectively once there. For 56% of students university was even more expensive than they had expected and spending remained a concern for over a third of respondents (37%).

When asked, students said most of their disposable income was spent on:

-          Food (86%)

-          Going out (44%)

-          Travel (34%)

And identified the following as being more expensive than they had originally expected:

-          Accommodation (58%)

-          Books and equipment (54%)

-          Travel (50%)

If, however, this year’s prospective students are worried about finding a job to help make ends meet, they need do so no longer.

Witha record-breaking 77% of students now working to help fund their studies, having a job during term-time is nowadays considered a normal aspect of student life by almost half (40%) of students – while over three-quarters (78%) consider having a job during university holidays commonplace, according to the survey.

Endsleigh found that university students who opt to work part-time during term time earn an average of £412 a month, whilst those who work part time in the holidays earn an average of £576 a month.

46% of students also said they used their overdraft to help make ends meet – while over a quarter (26%) said their credit card also helped.

Sara Newell, Manager of Student Markets at Endsleigh, said:

 “Preparing to go to university can be both an exciting and daunting time. While many of this year’s freshers will be looking forward to their new life away from home, many will also be worrying about how well they will get on both socially and academically whilst away. What they should find encouraging is that a huge majority of students are not only happy with their choice of university but are also thoroughly enjoying themselves once there. While fears around fitting in, making ends meet and doing well academically are all both understandable and justifiable, those preparing to set off to university should feel reassured by our findings and be looking forwards to embarking on this new stage of their lives.”


Notes to Editors

Two surveys were conducted over the summer of 2015. One was conducted online during April/May 2015 and surveyed 3,053 representative university students; the other was conducted online during June / July 2015 and surveyed 4,642 representative university students.

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