19th January 2016

Gym equipment, road signage and scatter cushions among the possessions sharers ‘grin and bear’ when moving in together

Almost half (43 per cent) of Brits say a partner or friend has brought a possession into a shared home they did not like, according to a survey of 2,000 people by insurance provider Endsleigh.

Women are more frustrated than men, with 45 per cent of females unhappy with an item brought into a shared home, compared to just 37 per cent of men, implying that women are perhaps the harder sex to share with.

The most common complaint from men was women bringing furniture items into the shared home, whereas for women it was pictures and photos or artwork for the walls that caused the most domestics.

According to the survey the possessions our nations sharers get most frustrated by include:

  • Football or rugby memorabilia
  • Forever friends teddies
  • Beer or shot glass collections
  • Scatter cushions
  • Tasteless posters
  • Road signage or traffic beacons
  • Tacky ornaments
  • Extensive shoe and clothing collections
  • Fridge magnet collection
  • Weights or large gym equipment
  • Boxes of redundant cabling and wires
  • Lighter collections
  • Dart board
  • Comics/magazines
  • Action figures
  • Model toys
  • Paisley pattered objects or furnishings
  • Car/bicycle parts
  • Multiple games consoles – (no more than one)
  • Anything in relation to ex partners
  • Hello Kitty collectables
  • Replica swords
  • Lots of furniture


David Hadden, Manager – Landlords and Lettings at Endsleigh commented: “Moving in with a partner or friend is an exciting time but before your do it’s worth thinking about having a clear-out beforehand. Consider whether your new flat or housemate has the same taste as you before erecting a poster of your favourite pin-up or bringing a useless hoarding collection with you!”

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Notes to Editors
Endsleigh surveyed 1,000 UK home owners and 1,000 UK renters via One Poll in October 2015.

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