13th February 2017

Is romance dead?

Snapchat, GIFs & memes beat chocolates and flowers among Millennials this Valentine’s Day


It seems that the giving of a gift is too serious a gesture for 36% of millennials, nevertheless Endsleigh also found that half of respondents (49.8%) think spending just time with a partner is enough! The survey also showed that Males are more likely to be expecting a gift this Valentine’s Day, with 64% of male respondents saying they expect to exchange gifts, versus just 36% of females.

However, there is some glimmer of hope, with nearly 8% saying they will make a gift themselves.

Julia Alpan, Manager of student & graduate markets at Endsleigh said:“Gadgets such as smart phones and tablets have never been a more important tool when dating so I’m not surprised that apps like Snapchat have found their place during Valentine’s Day! Millennials expect to do things immediately so if a GIF or meme works then good luck to them! But it’s nice to see that there are still some old school romantics who see the value in a traditional gift and card!”

Top ‘Passive Aggressive’ Valentines Gifts

With nearly 13% of respondents admitting to giving grooming products in an attempt to make their partner the best they can be, Endsleigh asked their social listeners for their stories:

 1. A sieve

“My ex didn't know how to end our relationship so thought it was a good hint to suggest the love was draining from our relationship... I had to ask what it meant as I never got the hint!”

2. A baby grow

“My partner and I got given a pregnancy test and a newborn baby grow from my Mum. Subtle hint she really wanted grandchildren”

3. Hair removal cream

“He said he wanted to get me something I use and he said the hair removal cream was more expensive than deodorant”

4. An iron

“I think it was a hint to learn how to iron as I think he's fed up of doing it.”

5. An ashtray that coughed

“An ex once gifted me an ashtray that coughed when it was movement activated. It was supposed to encourage me to quit smoking! I wasn't overly impressed.”

6. Wheelie bin stickers

“Because I used to hate putting the bins out!”

7. Running shoes

“I received some running shoes once, I think it was a hint to lose some weight.”

8. An empty box of chocolates

“I received an EMPTY box of chocolates, to be then told 'I don't need any more chocolates anyway.”


Notes to Editors                             

  • Survey was undertaken between 10-13 February 2017 via Google Surveys who surveyed 493 18-34 year olds. 


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