13th August 2015

Endsleigh celebrates 50 years of insuring students and young professionals

13 August 2015: Endsleigh today begins its Golden Jubilee year, celebrating its 50th anniversary of insuring students and young professionals.

Founded by the National Union of Students (NUS) on Friday 13th August 1965, Endsleigh is the first insurance company in the UK to have focused specifically on students – championing affordable insurance, tailored to their needs. In 1965, Endsleigh’s founder, Mike Naylor, said, “It does not matter how long an applicant’s hair is, how scruffy their anorak, or how floral the decoration of their car, we shall quote them competitive rates.” (Mike Naylor, 1965)

Endsleigh has since broadened its products and services to extend to graduates and professionals, as well as to a wide range of organisations through its broker division including landlords, charities, sports associations and governing bodies, student unions and travel agents. However, Endsleigh is proud to have maintained its position as the number one student insurance provider in the UK.

Endsleigh will celebrate its Golden Jubilee over the coming 12 months, supported by a brand campaign which reinforces Endsleigh’s heritage and trusted name. A dedicated Jubilee site at www.endsleigh50.co.uk showcases Endsleigh through the decades and provides a number of customer case studies.

Endsleigh over the decades

Prior to Endsleigh, insurance companies had been reluctant to offer cover to students. Identifying a gap in the market, Endsleigh was conceived by Mike Naylor, who urged NUS to form its own insurance company, providing tailored insurance solutions for university and college students. He expanded the company from its roots into one of the largest retail insurance chains in UK with 130 branches. This network closed in 2008 to focus on delivering customer propositions online.

50 years ago today: Endsleigh took its name from Endsleigh Street in London, the street where NUS’ offices were then based.

1970: the company moved to Cheltenham – which Endsleigh still calls home today.

• 1976: Endsleigh was sold to Dutch insurer, Gouda Insurance International. As a condition of the sale, NUS retained the two seats it maintains to this day on Endsleigh’s Board.

• 2001: Endsleigh Financial Services Limited was created, dedicated to providing help and support to customers’ mortgages, life assurances, pensions, savings and investments.

• 2002: following a management buy-out, Endsleigh went on to form a strategic alliance with Zurich, one of Europe’s largest insurance companies and has been wholly-owned by the insurer since 2007.

• 2003: Endsleigh was one of the first brokers to develop partnerships with price comparison sites such as Go Compare and Money Supermarket.

• 2011: Endsleigh’s relationship with Zurich was reinforced when the two companies entered into a strategic partnership to facilitate Endsleigh’s re-entry into the direct personal lines market.

• 2014: Endsleigh announced a full integration with Zurich Personal Lines.

Sara Newell, Head of Student & Graduate Markets at Endsleigh said:

“50 years ago, our founder set up Endsleigh because he felt that students simply weren't getting a fair deal. Half a century on, that commitment to students remains at the heart of what we do, helping them through university, into the workplace and beyond, with a constantly evolving range of products designed to suit their needs.

“In the 60s, students' belongings were carted around in huge wooden boxes - a far cry from today where their most valued items amount to thousands of pounds' worth of gadgets that can fit in pockets and handbags. In 1965, students didn’t have computers in their rooms – cost and space would have been an issue - and laptops, tablets and smartphones were the stuff of science fiction.

'Of course, premiums have changed too. Our first travel policy cost just 50p for 10 days. '

“Not everything has changed entirely though. We're proud, 50 years on, to maintain a strong relationship with NUS, part of ensuring that we're constantly understanding and working with students to fit their needs.

“Now Endsleigh's customers aren't only students. They're graduates, young professionals, parents and, on the broker side, charities, landlords, sports associations, student unions and more. However our same founding ethos of getting our customers a fair deal is as true today as it was in 1965.”


Notes to Editors
Endsleigh is the trusted brand for student insurance, and the only insurance provider recommended by NUS.

Endsleigh is an independent intermediary specialising in the provision of insurance and financial products for career people.

Originally founded in 1965 to serve the student market, Endsleigh has since broadened its products and services for graduates and professionals, as well as being the preferred insurance supplier for a variety of trade unions and professional organisations. The company offers a wide range of services including motor, home and travel insurance.

Endsleigh also offers business insurance through Endsleigh’s Business team and financial advice through the Endsleigh Financial Advice team.

For further information, please contact:
Alex Burr, Mariana Wall or Hamish Hardie on 020 7618 9103 /endsleigh@luther.co.uk Or Rachel Veevers on 01242 866196 / rachel.veevers@endsleigh.co.uk