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Top tips to secure your rental property this summer

The Great British Summer is well on its way - but before your tenants fling open all the windows and migrate for three months to the back garden, share these top tips with them to help secure your rental property and their possessions from intruders:

1. Secure doors and windows

Did you know that around 20% of burglaries occur via an unsecured door or window? Make sure all windows are properly secured with the appropriate locks, and not left open when the property is empty or during the night.

2. Timers

If you’re tenants are going away, it’s worth them setting some timer switches so appliances like lights and TVs are switched on and off at particular times. This can deter would-be thieves from attempting a break-in.

3. Possessions

It might sound like common sense, but valuables shouldn’t be left within sight of any passers-by. Whether it’s a laptop, iPhone or a shiny new tablet, they should be put somewhere secure and out-of-sight.

4. Curtains

It might seem sensible to close curtains when you’re away. However, nothing says “Come on in, we’re not here!” like a set of drawn curtains. After all possession have been secured, curtains should be kept open.

5. Post

This is one people often forget. If you’re tenants are not home, a growing pile of post might catch a potential thief’s attention. Not only that, but it's a potential fire risk. To address this, either ask a neighbour to pick up the post, or consider using Royal Mail’s Keep Safe service.

6. Burglar alarm

If you don’t already have a burglar alarm fitted in your rental property, consider fitting a burglar alarm which is visible to potential thieves. If there is an alarm installed, ask tenants to check to see it works before they go off on holiday.

7. Leave a car on your driveway

To convince potential thieves that the home is occupied whilst empty, try leaving a car on the driveway. A friend or a neighbour may agree to parking at the house while it’s empty.

These are just a few thoughts on how your tenants can protect your rental property and their belongings this summer. Taking the time to secure valuables and checking you have the appropriate insurance in place will give you additional peace of mind.

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