Can I update my car insurance policy online?


If your circumstances change while your car insurance policy is still active, you may need to update your cover mid-term to ensure you’re properly protected.

Some updates can be made quickly and easily by logging into your personal online account. These include changes such as:

  • The vehicle on your policy
  • Your home or correspondence address
  • Your cover
  • Adding or removing additional drivers
  • Your marketing preferences

Login to your online account here.

Note: You will not be able to change your vehicle registration via your online account. 

If you need to make a change to your policy that cannot be done via your online account or you just wish to speak to someone, please call us on 0333 234 1552.

I’m no longer a student - do I need to let you know about a change of occupation? 

If you have graduated, taken a gap or placement year or dropped out of university, you will need to contact us to update your policy so we can ensure you are covered correctly. Please call us on 0333 234 1552.

Can I swap my policy into someone else’s name if I no longer use the car? 

Cover cannot be transferred into someone else's name, as the insurance is for the driver as well as the vehicle and all relevant details must be taken into account. If you no longer own the vehicle and don't have an immediate replacement, the policy must be cancelled.

Find out how to cancel a car insurance policy mid-term.

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 If the policy holder is deceased and the spouse wishes to take on the insurance, we would look to cancel the existing policy and issue a new one in the name of the spouse, although it may be possible to transfer the No Claims Bonus to the spouse according to their individual driving history.