How could my landlord insurance be affected by Coronavirus?


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If I take out landlord insurance now, will I be covered for the coronavirus?

The purchasing of Landlords Insurance for Buildings and/or Contents cover is not impacted by the current coronavirus. However it is important that for any Legal Expenses cover claims you check the latest position on the GOV.UK website and discuss with the Insurer. They will have a Legal Helpline which will also be able to assist you.

My tenants are temporarily unemployed due to Covid-19, can I claim from my policy?

It is important that you check the current position on the GOV.UK website as, at the time of going to press, the eviction time period has been extended from 2 to 3 months. However most courts are currently closed and we would not expect Insurers, in the current climate, to be progressing with any new eviction claims.

I have an existing landlord policy with Endsleigh, how will this cover me during the Coronavirus?

Cover under your policy for Buildings and/or Contents will continue. If you have purchased Legal Expenses Insurance, we do not expect any claim that involves eviction processes to be progressed during the current climate. With the eviction time period having been extended from 2 to 3 months and with the closure of most if not all Courts, again we would not expect any Insurer to be pursuing any new eviction claims.

My tenants were due to get evicted anyway, can I do this under the 'eviction ban' if it's not related to Covid-19?

In the current climate, we do not believe that any Insurer will be progressing with any eviction claim irrespective of the perceived reasons for the eviction/rental default. With the courts closed, any potential claim should be discussed with the Insurer to understand the next steps.

I haven't got landlord insurance at the moment, should I take it out now?

We are able to offer Buildings and/or Contents insurance, together with Home Emergency Expenses and Legal Expenses Insurance. At the present time we are unable to offer Rent Guarantee Insurance.

I have tenants asking me what measures I can take to help them as they are not working, where do I stand?

It is best to check with each individual tenant’s circumstances. It may well be they are entitled to 80% of their wage through the government scheme. However, it is best to be pragmatic and try to work through a solution with your tenants that suits all parties.

If I purchase Rent Guarantee now will I be able to claim for lost rent as a result of Coronavirus?

You will need to check the policy wording for each policy but it is unlikely that you will be able to claim due to new government legislation around evictions.

Last updated: 01 April 2020