Can I add cover away from my home on my possessions policy?


When setting up your gadget and possessions policy, you can add specified gadgets which include cover away from the home.  You can also specify items that aren't gadgets such as jewellery, sport equipment  and cameras, individually worth over £500 to be covered away from the home. Any individual  items worth less than £500 do not need to be specified but cover away from the home must be selected. 

If you purchase this additional cover then items you take outside of your room will be insured anywhere in the UK and up to 90 days worldwide against theft, accidental damage and loss. They will be replaced on a new for old basis.  For any individual item of jewellery or valuables you have specified, you will be required to provide evidence of value in the event of loss or damage to that item. Acceptable evidence of value may be in the form of the original purchase receipt or a written valuation no more than 5 years old.

If an item does not appear in the list and there is no option for 'other', we are unable to insure it at this time. Gadgets such as mobiles, laptops and tablets are not included in this section and cover must be purchased separately.