What kind of lock is on my door?


Home security lock types

If you are an Endsleigh home insurance customer, our quote system recognises 3 door lock types.

The first is a 5 lever mortise deadlock, these are easy to identify as there will be a British Standard kite mark on the metal plate in the edge of your door where the bolt comes out, and this will have the industry standard number on it which is BS3621.

The second type is a multi-lever lock mechanism which are the types most commonly found on PVC doors, you turn the handle up which sends bolts within the door into the door frame, and then turn the key in the lock which simply prevents the handle from turning until unlocked.

The third we class as 'Other Locks' which is for all other lock types including Yale locks.

If you are an A-Plan customer, please refer to your policy or contact A-Plan with any questions you may have.