How could my car insurance be affected by Coronavirus?


If you are an Endsleigh car insurance customer and you still can't find what you're looking for, other ways to get help and information include visiting the claims centre, logging into your online account or speaking to us on Live Chat.

My vehicle usage has changed due to coronavirus – do I need to let you know?

If your vehicle usage has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic - for example, you now drive to work rather than using public transport – you will be automatically covered for commuting and driving to multiple work locations without needing to update your car insurance policy

You will also be covered if you are making deliveries as a volunteer.

If you are being paid to make deliveries, for example, to make deliveries for Amazon or deliver take-away food you will need Hire and Reward cover. Endsleigh cannot cover you for this, so you will need to take out insurance from a specialist provider.

How to update your car insurance policy.

I am driving as a volunteer helping people who are self-isolating – is my car insurance still valid?

If you are driving as a volunteer and supporting people who are self-isolating, your car insurance policy will still be valid and no amendment is required.

I need to amend policy details (for example occupation or mileage) as a result of COVID-19 – what should I do?

If the amendment is an occupation change directly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (for example, if you have become unemployed or are now doing a different job) you will automatically be covered under your car insurance policy and do not need to contact us.

Should the change become permanent after the lock-down period has ended, please contact us so we can update your policy.

If the change is for something else, please get in touch – we will process the amendment as usual but waive our administration fee – if there is an additional premium from your insurer for the change, we may be able to reduce or remove this but will need to review based on your individual circumstances.

How to update your car insurance policy.

I have to self-isolate – can I pause my car insurance?

Unfortunately we are not able to pause your car insurance policy.

However, providing no claim has been made, you can cancel your policy if you need to and we will waive our usual cancellation fee, although it may impact this years No Claims Bonus 

If your driving situation has changed due to COVID-19, please call us on 0333 234 1552 to discuss your cover options and find out if there will be a more long-term, cost-effective solution than cancelling your policy.

 Please remember that if you are temporarily taking your car off the road as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, you still need to register the vehicle as SORN with DVLA.

My car’s MOT has expired, or is about to expire, and I am unable to arrange a test due to COVID-19.  Can I still use my car and will I be covered under my insurance policy?

Annual MOT tests for cars, motorcycles and vans have been suspended for up to six months from 30 March 2020 so you do not have to do anything, and your MOT renewal date will automatically be extended. Therefore, you can continue to use your car as normal and your insurance will not be affected.

My vehicle is now at a different address due to self-isolation or other COVID-19 related circumstances – do I need to do anything?

If you are temporarily staying at a different address as a result of coronavirus pandemic, for example due to self-isolation, you will automatically be covered under your car insurance policy. 

In addition, if you are unable to recover your vehicle, for example from an airport car park, once again you will be automatically covered and do not need to contact us.

 However, if your change of address needs to continue after the lock-down period has ended, please contact us so we can update your policy.

Endsleigh are offering additional support to key workers and volunteers during the lockdown period by paying their excess in the event they have an accident – when does this apply?

If you have an accident during the government-recognised coronavirus lock-down period, and you are driving for either of the following two reasons, Endsleigh will pay the policy excess on your behalf:

  • Driving to a work in a critical role (as recognised by the government)
  • Driving in relation to volunteer work as a result of the COVID-19 crisis – for example, obtaining food or medicine for someone unable to leave their home.

If you have an accident whilst driving for either of these reasons and need to make a claim under your Endsleigh policy, please contact us as soon as you can and we will make arrangements with your insurer to pay the excess.

I need to self-isolate – can someone else drive my car, such as to pick up or drop off supplies?

If the person who needs to use your car has their own insurance policy, they may have ‘driving other cars’ (DOC) cover already in place.

We have included some brief information about DOC below but we would strongly recommend the person looking to use your car checks with their own insurer first to make sure they have the cover.  We would also remind you that this cover is usually on a third party only basis so there would be no cover for any damage they did to your own car.

If the person does not have DOC or you would like them to be insured comprehensively on your car, you will need to arrange for them to be added as a named driver to your car insurance policy.

During the coronavirus lock-down period, we will add the additional driver to the policy without charging our usual amendment fee but there may be an additional premium charged by your insurer.

Please note we will only be able to add the additional driver if they are acceptable to your insurer (for example, if they are aged under 25, several of our insurers will not allow them to be added to your policy).

What is ‘driving other cars’ cover?

Driving other cars (DOC) is a cover provided by some insurers on a comprehensive car insurance policy to enable drivers to use someone else’s car temporarily.

However, if it is included there are usually specific terms and conditions that the policy holder must comply with, for example:

  • Usually DOC cover will only apply in an emergency, rather than just day-to-day use of someone else’s car
  • There is sometimes an age limit, meaning that cover won’t apply to drivers under the age of 25
  • If the driver is allowed to drive other cars under their insurance policy, this will usually be on a third party only basis

My car is due for repairs following an insurance claim, but I’m in self-isolation – what do I do?

Please contact the relevant claims team to let us know that you will be unable to bring your cars to the garage for repairs. We will then contact you to re-arrange repairs once your self-isolation period has ended.

Visit the claim centre.

My car is awaiting repairs following a claim – will this take longer because of the lockdown?

Our insurers have informed us that their Claims Departments are open as normal. However, under the current circumstances, the majority of their teams will be are working from home and possibly with reduced numbers depending on whether people have been affected by Coronavirus.

This means that call wait times and claim settlement times may be slightly longer than normal.

Please be assured that we and our insurers will still do everything we can to help.

If your call is non-essential, it would be helpful if you could review our FAQs before calling to keep wait times to a minimum. 

If I break down, will my car still be recovered under my emergency breakdown policy with RAC?

RAC are currently still rescuing customers who break down at the road side.

You can find the most recent information from RAC as the situation develops here.


If you are an Endsleigh Compare customer, this will depend on the insurer you have chosen. For more detail, see your policy documents or get in touch your chosen insurer.

Last updated: 24 April 2020