Will my policy automatically renew?

In most cases your policy will automatically renew if you've been paying for it by monthly direct debit. We will send you a reminder before your policy is due for renewal. If we are unable to automatically renew your policy for any reason we will contact you before your renewal date.

If you have a motor policy and have opted to pay in full, you will have had the chance to choose an automatic renewal facility. Your policy will only automatically renew if you have chosen this method of renewal and we will tell you in your renewal reminder what you need to if you don't want this to happen. If you have not opted in then your policy will not automatically renew and you will need to renew online or contact us on 0333 234 1562.

If you have purchased a property or possessions and gadget insurance and paid in full, your policy will not automatically renew. Your renewal documents will give you clear information about how to renew your policy.