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7 top landlord apps

Whether you have one property or an extensive portfolio, keeping track of everything that’s going on can be a time consuming activity. However, you could find that downloading some simple landlord apps to your phone could streamline some of the most laborious and time consuming tasks – such as tracking rental payments and building inventories for your properties – freeing up your time to focus on other things.

Here’s a list of helpful landlord property management apps that are easily accessible and designed to make your life as a landlord a whole lot easier.

Property management apps

How efficiently are you managing your rental properties? You may find a single property relatively simple to keep on top of, but when you throw multiple properties and tenancies into the mix, that’s when things can start to get complicated. These landlord apps will cut through the complicated parts of managing multiple properties:

1. The Landlord app

The Landlord App is great for those who have a few properties to oversee and want a fast and easy way to manage them. The app allows you to track rent payments from all of your tenants, send out bulk emails or texts for invoices to tenants, as well as a whole host of other features. What’s more, there’s no limit on the number of properties you can add to the app.

2. DIY Landlord

Built by landlords, for landlords, this DIY app’s main selling point is that it allows users to keep track of all their current rented properties. The app is very easy to use as the main dashboard provides an overview of all the key financial information relating to your properties, such as cash flow and rental payments, as well as which tenants are due to pay rent and which are overdue.

Apps to find new tenants

Finding new tenants isn’t easy, but there are some landlord apps out there that can help pair you up with your ideal tenant, as well as manage the tenant referencing process.

3. Rightmove

While not exclusively for landlords, Rightmove’s app allows users to search over a million properties in the UK. Like some of the other options in this area, this app enables users to view floor plans of potential properties, as well as viewing them on a map. It even contains some useful links to estate agents. This is an ideal app to have if you’re looking to put one of your rental properties on the market, or are looking to acquire a new property to add to your portfolio.

4.Rental Step

Rental Step connects tenants with landlords and letting agents, making it easy for everyone to enjoy a successful tenancy. Partnered with Experian, Rental Step allows landlords to reference their tenants and communicate with prospective tenants via the app. Once the tenancy agreement has begun, tenants can submit their payments online for their landlords to confirm so they can start to build their credit rating.

Property inspection apps

Property inspection is a huge part of any tenancy, as a bad inspection or a dispute over some property damage can spoil what was previously a good landlord-tenant relationship. Equally, inventories are invaluable if you’re to avoid a potential dispute at the end of the tenancy due to property damage, wear or tear. Pulling together an effective inventory using one of these handy landlord apps will help you be clear with your tenants from the outset about exactly what they will be responsible for in the property.

5. zInspector

This app simplifies the process of collating property inspections by storing them all on your phone. It also allows you create templates for future inspections which you can update as you walk around a property. You can also attach images to accompany your inspection, which can then be used for emails.

6. Inventory Pro

Inventory Pro enables you to generate a quick and easy PDF report on the condition of a property. You can take internal and external pictures of the property and add text descriptions. This allows prospective tenants to gain a comprehensive understanding of a property, at no additional cost to you. While the app is free to use, you’ll have to pay £4.99 per property, per tenancy lifecycle to generate a PDF report.

Managing your finances

Although it may seem obvious, keeping track of your finances is one of the most important (but complicated) parts of landlord property management. Between juggling rental payments and the costs of repairs at various properties, as well as making sure deposits are returned fairly in line with any property damage at the end of the tenancy, it can be easy to get bogged down with your rental property finances.

7. Landlord studio

Sometimes being a landlord also means being your own accountant. Landlord studio will take the stress out managing the rental income for multiple properties, including allowing you to store documents, set reminders for certain events (such as rental payments) and even manage prospective tenants. This will help you be clear with tenants about what’s owed so there are no awkward conversations about rent at the end of the month.

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