Landlord and property

How to build a better relationship with your tenant

Following our research into the private rental sector, we discovered that more than a third of UK landlords have given their tenant a welcome or farewell gift. Having surveyed more than 2,600 UK landlords and tenants, we found that 34% have presented their tenant with a gift such as a bottle of wine, while 30% of tenants have received an act of kindness, such as help with DIY or a break from paying rent.

The research is part of our ‘Better Relations’ campaign, which aims to encourage stress-free lettings for both tenants and landlords.

So what sorts of gifts have been given by landlords?

Sarah, a tenant in Berkshire

“My landlord offered to decorate when we were expecting our baby.”

Anna, a landlord in Kent

“I provided starter kits of cutlery, pots, glasses, mugs, tea and biscuits and some cleaning things.”

Derek, a landlord in Perth and Kinross

“I collected the tenant from the airport when they flew in from Australia.”

Wanda, a landlord in Fife

“I put credit on the electricity meter to get the new tenants started when they first moved in.”

Tom, a landlord in Oxfordshire

I gave my tenant a rent holiday during a period of unemployment.”

Alison, a tenant in London

“My landlord gave us a bottle of wine when we moved in, as well as a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.”

Pam, a tenant in Cumbria

“My landlord paid for half of our Sky connection.”

The results of the survey demonstrate that the giving of gifts has an impact on the relationship between a landlord and a tenant. In fact, nearly three quarters of tenants who had received an act of kindness from their landlord said this positively changed their perception of them.

A positive relationship seems to have an impact on the length of tenancy too; 70% of tenants who have received an act of kindness stay in their property for 24 months or more, compared to just 53% who haven’t.

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