Trusted advice needed amid leisure insurance worries

Following recent headlines about the Irish leisure insurance market hardening due to increased claims awards we are seeing UK customers enquire about whether or not this will affect their policies and respective premiums going forward.

The advice I would give would be to ensure a comprehensive review of the respective insurance policies and risk management programs have been carried out and each are suitable for the changing needs of a leisure organisations.

While pay-outs in the UK are not so volatile, there are still signs of uncertainty surrounding the market, heightened by these recent trends from Ireland. Following this news a number of insurers have reviewed their strategies around the Irish Leisure sector and over the last two years some have exited completely. AXA XL became the latest high-profile company to be cautious about insuring Irish leisure risks, after it stopped working with MGA LeisureInsure.

In the UK, there are signs that insurance options are becoming more limited with some insurers increasing their premiums as a result. The leisure industry is clearly facing a challenging period and, as the variety of attractions provided become more high risk, the likelihood is claims are going to rise. As well as increased premiums, there are signs to suggest insurers and brokers are withdrawing their offering completely.

To combat this uncertainty, it is important leisure organisations are in contact with insurers and brokers which have both leisure sector expertise and a real understanding of the associated risks they face.

Endsleigh has been advising leisure organisations, including Community leisure UK and their members for over 10 years. Those with robust and tested risk management practices in place have secured very competitive insurance terms from Endsleigh. I would always suggest when reviewing the insurance programme, you also review the organisations risk management.  

At Endsleigh, risk management advice and guidance forms part of our extensive service, meaning leisure trusts can benefit from our experience while potentially reducing the day to day risks they face.

Other services include supporting leisure organisations to understand the respective responsibilities with their landlords.

With some insurers pulling out of the leisure market completely, there is a greater reliance than ever before on specialist brokers like Endsleigh to arrange cover. If you would like more information and support, please visit or call 0333 234 1358.

Simon Davis, Senior Account Executive at Endsleigh Insurance Services

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