13th September 2018

Modern Students are Shunning Raucous Nights out in Favour of Studying… but their Parents are Still Behaving Badly

Modern students are in bed by 10.30pm, would not even consider eating a pot noodle, have never pinched a traffic cone and drink LESS than their parents do, according to a new study.

Researchers took an in-depth look into the habits of students today and discovered the stereotypical image of the debauched, lecture dodging youngster could be a thing of the past.

According to the study from Endsleigh Insurance Services, almost six in ten (59 per cent) young adults insist their generation does not drink as much as their parents do, with 44 per cent claiming their parents just simply aren’t as health conscious as today’s young adults.

In fact, 19 percent of the students polled – dubbed “generation Saffy” after Edina Monsoon’s sensible daughter in Ab Fab - said their parents’ generation are wilder than they are.

In fact, a prim 29 per cent claim they are embarrassed by their parents when they’ve had one too many to drink.

Endsleigh’s report discovered a conscientious 42 per cent of uni students said they take their degree extremely seriously as they’re conscious how hard it is to get on the career ladder after graduating.

While 41 per cent said the eye-watering costs of higher education meant they felt obliged to get their head down and not mess up their course.

But a hard-up 15 per cent said they just didn’t have the cash to go out all the time and 26 per cent said they would never bother with juvenile student pranks like pinching traffic cones.

A sensible 22 per cent even said that drinking to excess just isn’t ‘cool’ now.

In fact, 62 per cent of the 2,000 current university students polled said they won’t be partying during Freshers’ week, with 52 per cent claiming their biggest priority would be to meet new, interesting people.

While almost half (41 per cent) will be concentrating on making their accommodation more “homely” rather than getting drunk.

According to the study, the majority (35 per cent) of students limit themselves to just one big night out a week – but nearly half said their parents still head out once or twice every week.

Julia Alpan, head of marketing at Endsleigh, said: “There are many clichés when it comes to the behaviour of students, but this research shows that they are just that – as living off baked beans all term and burning the candle at both ends is far from the truth for many undergraduates.

“University is so costly now that students realise the importance of studying and making the most of the opportunity. That said, we were surprised to see just how different the lifestyles of today’s students are compared with those of their parents.

“While good grades, making lifelong friends and staying fit and healthy are all important, we want to remind students that they’re only young once and they should be making the most of it!”

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Endsleigh’s research also found that more than half of students think nothing of rustling up dishes like pasta, curries, roasts and even soups from scratch.

A domesticated 18 per cent said they can cook much more advanced meals than their parents could at the same age and 12 per cent claimed they wouldn’t be seen dead eating instant noodles.

28 per cent of students said their favourite food was sushi, 22 per cent said they live on avocados and a quarter said superfoods like kale and quinoa were a regular part of their diet.

Drinks of choice include chai lattes, Aperol Spritz and Sauvignon Blanc.

Aside from gaining a degree – 34 per cent said university has taught them to cook well and eat healthily and 34 per cent also said their time keeping has improved since moving away from home.

In addition, 43 per cent claimed they have had to teach themselves how to budget wisely since becoming an undergraduate, 41 per cent said they had learnt to have confidence in themselves and one in ten said they learnt to take out insurance.

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