16th December 2020

Demand for student wellbeing support set to continue into 2021

Since September, almost 20 educational institutions in the UK have joined a health and wellbeing programme made available to universities and colleges by student insurance provider, Endsleigh - with more anticipated to join. The programme (co-developed with Health Assured) currently provides over 100,000 students with access to a 24 hour confidential counselling helpline, plus the industry-leading My Healthy Advantage app that helps them track and improve their wellbeing.

This programme was being developed to enable education partners at Endsleigh to meet the wellbeing provision demand they were facing, this has been exacerbated by coronavirus. A recent National Union of Students (NUS) study shows that over half of the UK’s students stated that their mental health has deteriorated or been affected negatively by coronavirus. This report solidifies the fact that wellbeing support for students has never been more important.

When asked about NUS’ partnership with Endsleigh, Peter Robertson, NUS Charity Director commented:

“Endsleigh take the time to truly understand the needs of the education community. Their wellbeing product displays full recognition of the importance of student wellbeing in the sector. We fully support and endorse this proposition.”

Many universities and colleges have been assessing whether their current levels of support are substantial enough, and if they’ll be able cope with the continued surge in demand for wellness support in 2021.

University of Manchester were keen to get involved in the wellbeing programme and they weren’t alone in wanting to bolster levels of support as concern grows for the mental wellbeing of our students. In total, 17 education providers have signed up to the programme within the last three months and talks are ongoing with more universities and colleges who are interested in joining. 

Uptake of the programme by students has been immediate. Endsleigh’s Product & Distribution Development Manager, David Johnson says:

“Upon implementing the service with a university, we generally see a significant volume of calls to the helpline. We’ll be able to share a report detailing how the service is being utilised by students early in 2021.”

Endsleigh believe this accelerated uptake in the offering and immediate utilisation of the services provided is due to coronavirus and the effect it’s having on students.


When asked about the new initiative, Endsleigh’s CEO, Alison Meckiffe has commented:

“In recent weeks we have seen a significant uplift in enquiries from universities about how Endsleigh can support the growing wellbeing needs of their students. The impact of coronavirus on how students are living and learning has amplified an already growing need to support wellbeing for students, especially those living away from home. Endsleigh is proud to be able to work with our university partners to find wellbeing solutions that can support students and their learning.”

Students haven’t had it easy in the media over recent months, with constant stories scapegoating them for the increase in coronavirus cases in September. But the reality is that the unseen majority are in their rooms working hard, attending digital lectures and possibly cut off from their normal support groups. Combine this with the fact that for many, this is their first experience of living away from their homes and families, and you can see why the demand for a structured wellbeing support system has significantly increased in recent months, and also why Endsleigh anticipate it to continue soaring in 2021.

Education providers wishing to speak to Endsleigh about getting involved in this opportunity should email studentwellbeing@endsleigh.co.uk.


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