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11 study apps students shouldn’t be without

We all know procrastination can’t go on forever – or your parents will go off when it comes to results day! Whether you’re looking for study apps for Android, or study apps for iPhone, these apps prove that your phone doesn’t always have to be your enemy when it’s time to study. 

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Keeping in touch at uni

We know you’ll be busy being you and navigating your new life for the first few months of uni. But just so you don’t let your old life slip (and your parents worry), we’re giving you some tips on staying in touch with your family, home friends and uni friends when you become as student.

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How to be yourself at uni

When you’re busy, going through a lot of change and trying new stuff, it’s so easy to lose yourself a little. Lots of people go away to uni to ‘find’ who they really are. But what if you’ve always been that person, and all you really need to do is focus on being you, then the rest will come naturally?

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12 tips to keep your bike safe at uni

It is estimated a bike gets stolen once every 60 seconds. Don’t underestimate bike thieves – some may be wandering past and see a chance, but others are much more considered and calculated – even carrying tools! The trick is to make it as difficult as possible for them. Here are 12 ways you can do just that!

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Taking your car to uni

It’s a big dilemma; should I bring my car to university or not? For some, taking their car to uni is a no-brainer because of the freedom it represents. 

But for others, it’s just an extra cost during an already expensive time – and they’d rather concentrate on uni without the additional worry of affording a car. 

To help you make a quick decision on whether to take your car to university, we’ve laid out the pros and cons!

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University Bucket List

Whilst the main reason to go to university is to end up with a degree, you’re also there to enjoy yourself, experience new things and just focus on being you. We’ve pulled together our top 20 activities to add to your university bucket list – so you get the full uni experience. 

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