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The RAC give us some tips on how to avoid problems on the road when it comes to driving this summer.

1. Fluids

It’s important to make sure you’ve topped up the coolant and engine oil, as that will help prevent overheating, which is a common cause of breakdown in the summer. Switching off the engine, if it’s safe to do so, while in a traffic jam will also help prevent overheating.

2. Tyres

As at any time of year, make sure your tyres are pumped to the right pressure before you leave, including the spare if you have one. For more information about looking after you tyres, go to:

3. Keys

The RAC get a lot of callouts for keys being locked in cars during the summer. Make sure you take the spare set with you when you head off on your holiday.

4. Keep cool

Have the cooling system checked – a leaking cooling system or inoperative cooling fan could cause the vehicle to overheat and cause damage to the engine.

The RAC also suggests you carry these essentials in your car:

  • A first aid kit
  • A warning triangle
  • A high visibility vest/jacket
  • A fire extinguisher
  • An empty fuel can
  • Additional engine oil and water (for topping up)
  • A light bulb kit
  • An up-to-date road map or sat navigation system
  • In-car mobile phone charger

For more information visit the RAC.

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The RAC is one of the UK's most progressive motoring organisations, providing services for both private and business motorists and are committed to making motoring easier, safer, more affordable and more enjoyable for drivers and road users.

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