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Festival season is upon us! If you're a festival newbie then there are a few things you might want to know beforehand.

1. Pack light

The walk from car to camp site can be pretty lengthy, so the last thing you want is to be lugging a lot of stuff around. Don't go overboard and just pack the essentials. A tent, waterproofs and wellies are a must, alongside hand sanitizer, baby wipes and toilet paper. Make sure you take a few clothes for different weather conditions too.

 2. Plan, but not too much

Some prior planning will come in handy. Have a look at what areas interest you the most and try to camp near there. Check out what bands or artists you really want to see and plan how you'll get between stages. It’ll save a lot of time aimlessly wandering and you won't end up missing your favourite acts, however don't fall into the trap of over-planning the festival, accept that you won't be able to see everything and go exploring

3. Try a bit of everything 

Festivals aren’t just about the music, there’s so much to see and do. There will be lots of big acts playing at the festival however, make sure you go for a wander to discover an unknown artist. Sit in the sun and soak up the atmosphere. You also have to sample all the wonderful food that's on offer.

4. Don't freak out

If you're prepared to rough it for a few days, you'll be fine. Remember that the majority of the other 150,000 people also haven't showered or washed their hair. You won't be the only one, so don't freak out about it and go with the flow. Lots of baby wipes, dry shampoo and deodorant is all you need to keep fresh and (kind of) clean.

5. Enjoy every moment 

Hundreds of thousands of people try every year to get festival tickets, you're one of the lucky ones that did, so don't take it for granted. Explore as much of the site as you can. Watch your favourite artist and discover a new one. See the sun set or stay out all night. Lie on the grass and watch the world go by.

Katie Nelson is a travel writer living and working in London, with a mission to see the world. You can view her website; Tatty Travels here


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