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Using your mobile abroad is not usually part of your monthly contract, here’s 5 things that can increase your bill whilst on holiday and how to avoid them.

1. Google Maps

Lost? In the UK, of course you would just whip out your phone and find your way around. Especially useful in a place you’ve never been before, right? Having Google Maps open for 10 minutes could cost up to £36, which is probably more expensive than a taxi to be taken there. Opt for a paper map of the local area or use public transportation which may drop you near where you want to be.

2. Weather

If your phone has a weather widget that’s constantly updating to let you know what the weather’s like outside, it’s using data. Disabling this in your phone’s settings will stop that and will also save your battery.

3. Facebook

Aside from uploading your own statuses, loading everyone’s statuses - whether it’s text or images – uses data. Facebook also introduced a feature that AutoPlays videos in your newsfeed, so you don’t even have to click play to accumulate the costs! Switch off AutoPlay by going to your Facebook Settings > Video Tab > AutoPlay Videos > select Off and try and save your Facebook browsing for when you’re in wifi.

4. Checking your email

When you open your email, they ALL get downloaded to your phone automatically. The majority of emails will just be text, but it’s the sheer volume of them that uses the data. You don’t even need to view attachments, as you’ve already incurred the cost to download emails to your phone.  Just one more reason not to check your emails on holiday.

5. Apps with push notifications

Lots of smartphone apps are designed to notify you of any updates without you even opening the app. This way apps will be adding to your bill without your knowledge. To stop these, simply switch off push notifications in your settings.


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