Top 5 money saving apps

25 Jun 2014


1. Toshl Finance 

Toshl Finance is a great way to manage your monthly expenditure. The app uses a tag system to make it super simple to input expenses and has tons of nice visualizations which can help you see at a glance where you’re at. Toshl can even remind you a couple of days ahead of an incoming bill so you can plan accordingly. Coupled with the desktop app, Toshl is a powerful way to manage your budget; so long as you keep on top of it.

Though competitors may look more swish, Toshl is available for practically every device, including Windows Phone and it’s absolutely free. Toshl


2. OrSaveIt

OrSaveIt is an app that aims to combat the biggest cause of most people’s money woes, the impulse buy. The idea is that every time you say no to an impulse buy, you say yes to an ‘impulse save’, inputting that money into a larger savings pot.

At the end of the week OrSaveIt emails you to tell you how much you’ve saved so that you can use the money saved on something worthwhile. After a couple of months, OrSaveIt becomes its own fantastic motivation, making you focus on the bigger budgeting picture. You may even find yourself trying to make savings everywhere, just so you can reward yourself later down the line. OrSaveIt


3. 08 Wizard

Every once in a while it’s necessary to call an 0800 number from your mobile, which unfortunately still costs far too much at almost 30p a minute on some networks.

Not so with 08 Wizard, an app that routes the number to an alternate landline number, meaning they won’t cost you any extra. 08 Wizard


4. RedLaser

RedLaser is a simple app that used the power of price comparison. Those tempting offer flags in supermarkets can draw us in at the best of times, but if you scan the barcode with RedLaser you can check the prices online instantly, just to check you really are getting value for money. 

More often than not you’ll find that the offer isn’t as good as advertised, and by the time you’ve gotten home and really thought about it, you didn’t really need or want it anyway. RedLaser 


5. Vouchercloud

Vouchercloud is the defacto king of mobile vouchers; perfect for restaurant deals and the odd 10% off in a shop. Vouchercloud. 

Patrick Taylor

Written by: Patrick Taylor an Endsleigh colleague. 

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