Spotlight on the Greater London Authority

02 Jul 2014


Company name:       Mayor of London / Greater London Authority

Contact:                  Ric Blakeway

Position:                 Deputy Mayor for Housing, Land and Property


What is your role?

I lead the Mayor’s work on housing. I oversee multi-billion pound housing investment programmes, the strategic release of GLA land and property and energy efficiency programmes, as well as the London Rental Standard.


Can you describe what your organisation does in one paragraph?

The main purpose of the GLA is to make London a better place to live, work, visit and invest in. I believe that London is the greatest city on earth, and we want to lengthen its lead.


Who do you work for?  

Obviously Londoners, but also all the people who come to this city to work, or for leisure, as well as the many businesses who help power London’s economy.


What one thing do you want Londoners to think about you?

That we’re honest, decent and can be trusted to look after London’s interests. Also, it’s important that we offer Londoners value for money - under this Mayoralty, the GLA’s share of council tax has been frozen.


What is your vision for London?

I want each and every person in our city to have somewhere safe and secure to live. London’s population is booming, yet we’ve not built enough homes for over 30 years. To keep up with demand, we must build 42,000 new homes a year – that’s my biggest challenge.


How do you work with Endsleigh?

Endsleigh is a partner in our new London Rental Standard scheme, which aims to raise standards in the capital’s private rental sector. I hope that working together can help us reach our target of 100,000 accredited landlords and agents. This would benefit everyone involved in the sector from landlords and agents to their tenants.  

Greater London Authority

Written by: The Greater London Authority. For more information about the London Rental Standard visit 

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