Government announces new powers to accelerate eviction of nightmare tenants

30 Oct 2014

Landlords could be rid of troublesome tenants within two weeks, according to new measures announced by the Government this week.

Instead of instigating protracted court proceedings, a new ‘fast-track’ eviction process will enable private and social landlords to evict tenants who are guilty of persistent or serious anti-social behaviour.

How will this work? Well, from this week, landlords will be able to use a tenant’s previous convictions for severe anti-social behaviour to activate the fast-track eviction process.

These new measures are contained within the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. This act empowers landlords to evict tenants who have been convicted of a serious offence, issued with an anti-social behaviour order, or flouted a noise abatement notice.

Following the announcement, Housing Minister Brandon Lewis said:

"No one deserves to feel intimidated or unsafe in their own community, yet lengthy court proceedings have left nightmare tenants free to cause misery for their neighbours for years.

"But from today, new powers mean landlords can take swifter action to evict any tenant convicted of persistent or serious anti-social behaviour, bringing faster relief to victims and witnesses.

"It will mean law-abiding social tenants will be able to live in peace, while anyone found guilty of serious anti-social behaviour cannot benefit from the valuable support that social housing can offer."

Landlords can help reduce the risk of having to evict tenants by conducting a reference prior to them moving into a property. Referencing a tenant is one of the most important things a landlord can do. It provides confidence that you’ve selected appropriate tenants, who will treat your property with respect.

Patrick Taylor

Written by: Patrick Taylor an Endsleigh colleague. 

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