What’s been happening in the world of claims? May & June 2014

17 Jul 2014

Claims handler: Jon Monks


Overview of claims in the private rental sector:

The majority of landlord related claims we’ve seen have been due to water damage. Although for a wide range of reasons, the most regular has been as a result of leaks coming through from damaged roofs. There’s also been a slight rise in the number of claims for property damage caused by tenants, both accidental and malicious. This could relate to the seasonal uplift that we see at this time of year in tenancies coming to an end.

Tenant’s claims have been quiet over the last couple of months. However, we’ve seen a gradual uplift in claims where landlords are holding tenants liable for property repairs.

This has included cracked sinks, damaged toilet seats and burns to carpets. In some cases, the tenants weren’t aware of the damage until they moved out and the landlord informed them.


Most memorable claim from May/June:

The most memorable claim we’ve seen over the last couple of months from a rental property has been due to water damage.

The damage was caused by condensation forming on an unlagged pipe, dripping onto the ceiling of the property below causing damage to the plasterwork.


Tips for avoiding future claims like the above:

Ensure your rental properties are fully surveyed to reduce the risk of these ‘hidden water damage horrors’. This is especially relevant at this time of year, while we’re enjoying the warmer weather it’s good to prepare now for the winter.


What type of claims are we expecting to come in over the next month in the private rental sector?

Not so much what we’re expecting in the next month, but later in the year…

If we’re lucky enough to experience a longer dry spell and see a wet winter, there is the potential for wide subsidence issues throughout the UK. This is something to be mindful of and preparations should be made.

The Endsleigh Claims Team

Written by: Experts from the Endsleigh Claims Team 

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