London Rental Standard: a tenant's tale

07 Jul 2014


Matt Hoy, a former tenant of accredited landlord Rob Hunter, tells us why he supports the Mayor's new London Rental Standard;

“My experience of renting in London has been really positive, but many of my friends, colleagues and associates haven't had the same luck. While I studied at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, I rented from Rob Hunter, an accredited landlord.

When I first started looking for a landlord, the accreditation meant that I knew there was a minimum standard that had to be met. In fact, it was exceeded. If I ever had a problem, it was dealt with immediately, like when the boiler broke down it was fixed in a few hours.

It gives you peace of mind and there’s a certain expectation. It leads to a good landlord-tenant relationship. A tenant wants a good home and a landlord wants a good tenant. By having an accredited landlord, you get the balance everyone’s looking for, which I think is essential. If you don’t have an accredited landlord, there is no one to turn to - you’re very much on your own.

I’ve known people who’ve spent months being unable to have a hot shower because their boiler’s been broken. They were paying a huge amount of rent not to receive a basic necessity, and ended up having to move into a hotel.

Schemes like the one the Mayor has developed here will help protect people. The more people sign up to the scheme, the more people will look for it.

From the landlord’s perspective, it shows they’re providing a good product, it makes good business sense. For tenants, it means they can trust what’s on offer to them.

I’d advise anyone looking to rent in London, to do your homework. Know where you want to live and how you want to live. Look out for the accreditation scheme and what landlords are providing. Some people will offer you a good deal; some will offer a very poor quality of property.

If you’ve got time, don’t jump into a property straightaway and don’t be pressurised into anything. I walked into a property once and the garden was an absolute state. The landlord said ‘it will be sorted when you move in’. My advice is, if you’re viewing a property, it should be ready.”

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Greater London Authority

Written by: The Greater London Authority. For more information about the London Rental Standard visit 

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