Endsleighs top landlord tips

20% of landlords say their biggest concern over the next 12 months are poor tenants and damages. We’ve put together some top tips to get you on your way.

Exhibition of Oops

Our ‘Exhibition of Oops’ highlights just a handful of the many unexpected moments that occur as a landlord. From loft conversions to stolen cars, we’ve heard it all…

How to become a landlord for student tenants: Part 2

The second half of the guide from StuRents.com looks at how to market your property, through to signing a tenancy agreement and welcoming new tenants.

How to become a landlord for student tenants: Part 1

In the first of two articles looking at the process of becoming a student landlord, property portal StuRents.com talks you through purchasing your property and getting it ready for market.

Should I furnish my rental property?

To furnish, or not to furnish? That is the question. We weigh up both sides of one of the more common landlord dilemmas.

5 tips for a successful property advert

Getting your property to stand out from the crowd is not easy. Here are 5 tips from Spareroom on how to create the perfect property advert.

Top 10 tips to let your property quickly

As a landlord, you'll want to install good tenants as soon as possible. Read 10 tips from homes4u on how to let your property quickly.

10 top tips to attract professional tenants

Professionals are a prize target for landlords - but how do you appeal to them? Read our 10 top tips for attracting and keeping professional tenants.

Should I become a landlord?

Increasing numbers of people are looking to the buy-to-let market as a means of earning additional income. But is it right for you?

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