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According to Endsleigh’s recent survey, nearly 90% of landlords have gone out of their way to do something nice for their tenants, with 83% of tenants stating they are happy with their current landlord and feel like they make an effort for them. From installing new kitchens and carpets to a rent-free month, despite the often negative media portrayal, landlords are there for their tenants. It was found that half of Britain’s landlords are very happy with their current tenants and over two thirds agreed that the benefits of being a landlord outweighed the time and hassle involved.

Here we take a look at the ways in which landlords have gone above and beyond to do something nice for their tenants and what they think is the best way to keep a happy tenant-landlord relationship.

Going the extra mile

From lowering bills, to redecorating at a tenants request and giving tenants a present, over 40% of landlords take the welfare of their tenants seriously and will go the extra mile to ensure they are happy.

A number of surveyed landlords had not increased their rent prices, despite 24% of tenants stating they are expect and are willing to pay more, should the property be right for them. Landlords have also exceeded their duties by delivering baked goods, homemade jams and even paying for lower income tenants to go on holiday.

The key to a happy landlord-tenant relationship

Whilst these scenarios are exceptional cases of going above and beyond the call of duty, we have three every day tips that landlords told us keep tenants happy.

1. Communication

It was clear from our survey that both landlords and tenants consider the best way to maintaining a good relationship is communicating effectively and efficiently. Responding quickly to texts, staying in touch and listening to tenants’ concerns and queries were commonly mentioned by landlords and tenants.

2. Dealing with issues promptly

Tenants and landlords alike recognised the importance of dealing with maintenance issues promptly and fairly. Keeping the property in good condition and reacting quickly to maintenance problems were some of key themes emerging from landlords.

3. Be fair

When it came to rent increases and redecorating requests landlords acknowledged the importance of being fair. Keeping rent increases to within the local market rate and giving prior notice to tenants is important when trying to keep your tenants happy. Being fair in decisions regarding property upgrades, maintenance and redecorating requests from tenants were also considered highly.

Pia Neave

Pia works in the Digital team at Endsleigh, managing our social channels and online content. She loves baking, travelling and running. 

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