How to fix a leaking tap

11 Mar 2015

Although many taps are different, the principle to fix them is the same. Most of the time, leaks occur due to faulty washers caused by general wear and tear. You can purchase a pack of new ones at your local hardware store.

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How to guide

  • Turn off water – firstly make sure the water is running on full, then switch off the supply at the main service valve or the penny valve.
  • Unscrew tap – after detaching the screw cap from the tap, you’ll need to remove the screw itself. Then gently use a spanner to release the headgear nut.
  • Fit new washer – remove the old, broken washer, fit the new one to the headgear nut, then replace into the tap and reassemble it.
  • Test it out – now turn the water back on and test out your new revamped tap.


As a tenant, you should only undertake this sort of maintenance if you feel comfortable in what you're doing. Further damage could make you liable for the cost of a repair.

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