Landlord responsibilities guide

What are a landlords’ responsibilities?

According to Endsleigh’s survey, nearly 40% of landlords believe that tenants are unclear on what their responsibilities are with regards to their rental property, and what duties sit with their landlord. Furthermore, nearly 30% of tenants surveyed also agreed that they are often unaware or unclear.

As part of our campaign to encourage better relations between landlords and tenants, we surveyed more than 2,600 landlords and tenants to find out whether the rental responsibilities in properties were clear with both parties. Our research found there is significant confusion when it comes to where responsibilities lie.

‘Touching up paintwork’, ‘meter readings at the beginning and end of a tenancy’ as well as ‘informing utility companies and the council of a new occupancy in the property’ are all responsibilities called out by tenants where they’re unsure as to who is responsible. The biggest discrepancy between what tenants and landlords believe relates to providing meter readings at the beginning and end of the tenancy period. Nearly three quarters (73%) of landlords think it is their tenants’ job to do this, but only 35% of tenants agree. In fact, whose responsibility it is depends on who actually pays the bills. For example, if the landlord pays, it is their responsibility to take the meter reading, and vice versa.

Relationships between landlords and tenants can often be fraught with issues when responsibilities of who should do what are unclear. To help, we’ve created this responsibilities guide to clear up the confusion when it comes to rental property maintenance and care.

Download our landlord and tenant responsibility checklist.

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