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What does student contents insurance cover?

Whether you're living in halls or a shared house, we'll provide comprehensive student possessions insurance for your essential items.

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Cover from £1.85 per month*

*Based on an off-campus, privately rented property insured up to £2,000

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Tenants' liability cover

Up to £2,500 tenants' liability insurance to cover any items you're legally responsible for in your student property

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Lost keys

Up to £250 for replacement locks and lost keys

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Optional accidental damage

Protect your items against accidental drops and spills by adding optional accidental damage cover

Flexible student cover for gadgets and contents

Taking your gadgets to uni? Stay connected when it matters most. Build your cover to protect both your gadgets and contents under one policy with Endsleigh, the UK's No. 1 student insurance provider.

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Need help with student contents insurance?

Read our student FAQs to find out more about who needs student contents insurance and what it covers while you’re living in uni halls or a student house.

What is student contents insurance?

Student contents insurance is a type of insurance policy that will protect your contents and belongings - such as your clothes, furniture and electrical items - while you’re living in university accommodation. With Endsleigh, you can build your student contents policy to include cover for gadgets against theft, accidental and liquid damage while you’re away at university.

Do I need student contents insurance?

If you’re a student at university, you’ll likely have all sorts of gadgets and belongings to help you stay connected and make your student digs feel more homely.

But once you move away from home, you may find that your belongings are no longer covered under your parents’ or guardians’ home insurance policy – and even if they are, it may not provide as comprehensive cover as you need. For example, your belongings may only be protected inside your uni room, not whilst you’re out with friends or at lectures.

Before taking out your own student contents policy, you should also check whether your accommodation provider has arranged any insurance for you whilst you’re staying with them. If they have, this cover is sometimes provided by Endsleigh and you can find out whether you already have any student cover in place here.

If you do already have cover in place, it’s still important to check the limits of the policy. You can then decide whether you need any additional protection for your gadgets and belongings against risks such as theft, loss or accidental damage whilst you’re out and about at university.

Remember: Not only is it a hassle to replace belongings after a mishap, but some items can also be expensive to replace – a cost you could probably do without when you’re living on a student budget. Not only that, but students can sometimes be seen as “easy targets” by thieves and usually have lots of valuable items, such as smartphones and laptops. Having student house insurance in place will help make sure you’re not left out of pocket should anything unexpected happen to your essential items.

What else does student contents insurance cover?

Endsleigh’s student contents insurance allows you to select cover for your gadgets - such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets - and your personal possessions against perils including loss, theft or accidental damage.

Our policies include the following covers* for your belongings as standard whilst you’re living in student halls or a shared student house:

  • NEW for OLD cover (for example, we'll replace your stolen TV with a brand new model)
  • Tenant's liability cover up to £2,500 for landlord's fixtures and fittings that you are legally responsible for
  • Replacement locks up to £250
  • Contents are covered for up to 60 days whilst your home is unoccupied during uni holidays
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Fire, lightning, explosion, or earthquake
  • Malicious damage
  • Contents temporarily removed from the risk address up to the limit noted on your Statement of Insurance

But that’s not all - if you require more personalised cover, you can upgrade your student contents policy to include additional protections such as accidental damage and Key Care. You can find out more about our student contents optional extras below.

What’s not covered?

Our students contents policies do not provide cover for the following* :

  • Theft or malicious damage with no signs of forced entry or which has not been reported to the police
  • Damage caused by domestic pets
  • Any gadget which is more than 3 years old when cover for it begins under this policy (if gadget cover is selected)
  • More than two claims in any single period of insurance
  • Loss of or damage to gadgets left unattended away from the risk address
  • The excess shown on your Statement of Insurance

*Please read your insurance documents for full terms and conditions of your policy. 

Are mobile phones covered by student contents insurance?

Endsleigh’s student insurance policies are flexible, meaning you can add cover for your mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets onto your student contents insurance, keeping all your cover in one place. However, policy covers may be different for your gadgets than your student contents, so check your full policy wording to make sure you understand the protection you have in place.

What upgrades are available for my students contents cover?

Once you’ve reviewed the cover provided by the policy, you may decide that you want (or need) to take out additional cover to ensure your belongings are protected.

We have various optional extras available that can be easily added to your student contents insurance quote, including:

  • Accidental damage cover to protect your belongings against drops and spills
  • KeyCare cover, which provides cover for replacement keys, replacement locks and any locksmith charges up to the annual cover limit of £500

You may also find that you have other belongings you need to protect, other than your clothes and personal items. You can include the following personal possessions on your student insurance policy with Endsleigh:

Things to look out for when you’re getting insurance

If you’re heading to university for the first time, this may be your first time taking out an insurance policy. Therefore it’s important to make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of the policy you’re signing up for before you buy.

Consider the following before getting your student contents insurance quote:

1. Am I already covered elsewhere?

Take the time to find out if you already have cover in place for your personal belongings – after all, you don’t want to be paying for cover you don’t need!

  • Find out whether you’re covered under your parents’ or guardians’ home insurance
  • Check if your accommodation provider has already arranged contents cover in your student accommodation. You can then decide if you need to top up your cover.

2. What do I need to protect? Is the level of cover right?

It can be difficult to judge what level of student contents cover you’re going to need at university, and it’s easy to underestimate the value of your belongings – particularly your clothes and personal items.

  • Spend some time calculating the full value of your possessions before you get a quote. This is so you can ensure you’re not under-insured should you need to make a claim.
  • Consider whether you need cover for any additional items you might be taking to university, such as your tablet, laptop, mobile phone, bike or musical instrument.
  • Will my gadgets and possessions be covered whilst I’m out and about at university, or do I need to add this cover?
  • Finally, read the full terms and conditions of the policy to understand the cover in place. This will then help you decide whether you need to add any extra cover to your policy, such as accidental damage or Key Care.

3. Have I answered all the questions accurately?

As with any type of insurance policy, it’s important to double check the details you’ve provided to make sure your quote is accurate. This includes not only the levels of cover you’ve selected for your belongings, but also your personal details such as your occupation and home address, as this can have an effect on your overall premium.

One thing to find out is what sort of security you have in place at your property. It can be easy to misidentify certain types of locks and alarms, so it’s a good idea to double check these details as providing the wrong information could invalidate your policy in the event of a claim.

You will also need to ensure that your door locks (and other security measures) meet your insurer’s requirements.

4. Are there any student home insurance discounts available?

As the UK’s No. 1 student insurance provider, we’re dedicated to keeping costs down for students and graduates. That’s why we offer the following discounts on our student contents insurance:

  • Get up to 10% off your student contents insurance with your TOTUM card!
  • If you need to insure multiple gadgets, you'll receive 10% discount when you insure two gadgets, with 15% off when you insure three or more.
How do I make a claim for my student belongings?

If you need to make a claim, it’s important to be clear about exactly what happened. This is so you can tell your story factually and consistently to your insurance provider with no missing details.

Take photos and videos of whatever you’re claiming for as soon as the damage occurs, such as damaged possessions or sub-standard hotel rooms. Note down flight numbers for delayed flights and make lists of items stolen – the more solid the evidence you have, the quicker it will be for an insurance company to process your claim.

To report a claim under your Endsleigh student house insurance policy, please visit our claim centre.

Student contents insurance claims are settled on a New for Old basis – so for example, we'll replace your stolen TV with a brand new model.

Once a claim is reported, we endeavour to carry out repairs to items as quickly as possible in order to minimise any inconvenience to you. If you have gadget cover and your gadget is unrepairable, we'll replace the item in 24 hours once your claim is approved.

Please note: You can only make two claims in any single period of insurance. You will also be responsible for paying any excess noted on your Statement of Insurance in the event of a claim.

Can I cover my room key?

Yes, you can cover your student house keys (including swipe cards) up to a maximum of 3 keys per lock on our gadget and possessions insurance product. You will get up to £500 towards replacement locks and keys, and in an emergency, we will pay up to £50 for a locksmith to get you into your home. Keys will only be covered if attached to the key fob provided by Key-Care Ltd. Costs relating to a damaged key or lock or general wear and tear will not be covered. Keys will not be considered irrecoverable until lost for at least 3 days. The keys must have been lost or stolen from the policyholder, or a member of their immediate family living at the same address. The policyholder must notify Key-Care Ltd within 30 days of loss or theft of keys.

Why Endsleigh for student contents insurance?

With our flexible student home insurance you can protect all your contents and gadgets, including phones, tablets, laptops, watches, televisions, printers, handbags, fitbits, bikes, musical instruments, sports equipment and much more all under one policy.

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