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Everywhere Student Packs

Uni's all about "becoming you" - not worrying about your stuff. With an Everywhere Student Pack you can pack up your cover in one easy policy up to £1,000, £1,500 or £2,500 to protect your student items everywhere, both on and off campus!

What's covered?

  • Items with a replacement cost up to £500 with a £1,000 pack, £750 with a £1,500 pack or £1,250 with a £2,500 pack
  • 24 hour replacement once your claim is approved (if item is stolen or unrepairable).
  • Theft
  • Accidental and malicious damage, including cracked screens
  • Flood and fire
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Protection anywhere in the UK, up to 90 days worldwide
  • No excess applies to claims for theft, assault and mugging, malicious damage, or arson

What's not covered?

  • Your excess
  • Mechanical breakdown before the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty
  • Gadgets and mobile phones more than 3 years old at the start of the policy
  • Cosmetic damage that doesn't affect operation
  • Money
  • Musical instruments and bicycles
  • Accidental loss (unless added as an optional extra)
  • Any gadget or mobile where you cannot provide proof of purchase

Personalise your student cover

You're an individual - which means your insurance needs are individual as well. That’s why we make it easy to get *just* the right cover for your belongings - all you have to do is build the policy that's right for you!

Student contents insurance

Get covered from £2.04 per month!*

Protection for the items that make your student house a home, such as your clothes, furniture and personal effects.

Get covered against fire, theft, flood and more - with the option to add accidental damage cover for those other unexpected mishaps. Your items will even be protected on a 'new for old' basis!

*For £2000 cover, based on a student living in an off campus private rented property in Bath

Mobile phone insurance

Get covered from £6.57 per month!*

Mobile phones are a huge part of our lives, keeping us organised, entertained and connected on the daily. But the loss of a phone can put a huge dent in your budget - especially if you have a long wait until your next upgrade.
Mobile phone cover provides protection against a range of unexpected mishaps - including theft, mechanical breakdown, accidental and malicious damage - for any make of mobile phone and its accessories.

*For a £500 iPhone, based on a student living on campus. 

Laptops, tablets and other gadgets

Get covered from £3 per month!*

It's easy to forget about insurance for our other gadgets, such as our laptops, tablets and headphones - but if you couldn't afford to replace it, you might want to think about insuring it.
Gadget cover will protect your laptops and other gadgets anywhere in the UK and up to 90 days worldwide against theft, accidental and malicious damage, with the option to add accidental loss cover should you need it.

*For a £500 laptop, based on a student living on campus.

Laptop theft

Having your laptop stolen is less than ideal – particularly if you’re on the last draft of your final dissertation!

Take some of the stress out of the situation – protect your laptop or tablet up to £1,250 against theft, anywhere in the UK. There’s even £0 excess, so you won’t pay a penny in the event of a claim!

Bike insurance

Get covered from £3 per month!

Protection for pushbikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and more against unexpected loss or damage, anywhere in the UK and up to 90 days worldwide.

Your bike will even be protected on a 'new for old' basis - which means that (for example) if your bike is stolen and not recovered, we'll replace it with a brand new model!

*For a £200 bike on campus, based on a student living in Bath.

Musical instrument insurance

Get covered from 65p per month!*

Protect your instruments against theft, loss and physical damage anywhere within the UK, including any accessories such as reeds, picks, bows, stands, pedals and carrying cases.
We'll even provide up to £150 to hire an instrument while yours is being repaired or replaced.

*For a £300 clarinet, based on a student living on campus.

Tuition fees, rent protection and coursework

Get covered from £3.05 per month!*

Tuition fees, rent protection and coursework cover will provide up to £20,000 cover for your tuition fees and rent should you be unable to attend your course due to an insured event. You'll also be covered up to £1,000 to reproduce coursework or re-sit exams.

*Student Campus, sum insured £6000

Key care

Get covered for just 66p per month!
We all know just how easy keys are to lose! With Key care, you'll receive up to £1000 for replacement keys and locks, plus any locksmith charges.

You'll even have access to a 24 hour, 365 days a year UK-based emergency helpline!