Halloween costume hacks

Whilst fancy dress features heavily on a lot of student nights out throughout the year, Halloween is one of the most important dates on the student calendar.

But a great Halloween costume doesn’t have to be expensive – you just have to get creative with it! To give you a few ideas, we’ve put together some Halloween costume hacks.

Find an old piece of cardboard

Usually there’s at least some cardboard lying around the house – and if not, head down to the local supermarket and ask if they have some boxes you can use. The possibilities are endless! You could cut out a hole for your face and turn yourself into a ‘Facebook Profile.’ Or, if you’re feeling political, turn yourself into a walking ballot slip.

Cut up an old sheet

Whilst it might seem cliché, cutting out some eyeholes and turning yourself into a ghost is a cheap classic. But if you don’t fancy shouting ‘boo!’ at everyone you meet all night, you could cut a sheet into strips and become a make-shift mummy – just don’t wrap yourself up too tight.

Draw on a plain t-shirt

A plain t-shirt offers endless possibilities when it comes to Halloween. Throw some red paint over it and become a serial killer! Alternatively, you could be a ‘cereal’ killer – just save some old cereal boxes and stick them to your clothes!

Upcycle an umbrella

It might seem like a strange one, but there’s actually quite a few costumes that could be created with an old umbrella. You could use the metal frame and create some wings for an authentic bat costume – or, if you want something slightly lower maintenance, you could even dress as a jelly fish.

Get some cheap face paint

Face paint can add the finishing touch to any costume – whether you’re thinking of becoming a creepy clown, or perhaps a silent movie star, you can purchase face paint for less than £3 on Amazon. But if you did want to splurge a little and pick up some green tights, you could even fashion yourself an alien costume, complete with aluminium foil antenna.

Stick on a name tag

Ok, so this is the height of laziness when it comes to costumes – but it actually offers you the freedom to become anything you want without actually having to dress up! And it’s such an ‘ironically’ lazy costume that your friends will love it - you could even dress up as your best mate for the evening by sneakily borrowing some of their clothes…

Get stuck in with some papier mâché

Whilst you might need to invest a bit of time in this, all you need to make something out of papier mâché is newspaper, glue, a paintbrush, and some paints – and the best part is you can create any sort of mask or costume you like! You could dress as a Lego person, or if you don’t fancy wearing a mask all night, turn yourself into the solar system with little papier mâché planets.

Planning on using one of these hacks? We’d love to see your photos! Share your snaps with us on Twitter by tagging @endsleighatuni!

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Naomi Soanes

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